All about GMAT for MBA | GMAT sample test!

For any MBA student, their GMAT exam scores are the most essential part of their university application. So, to help with your preparation of GMAT for MBA, this blog tells you all about this study abroad exam and even has a GMAT sample test to help you prep! The GMAT exam is the first step towards a prosperous career in business management. All the top universities in the USA, UK, Canada, ...

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Girl telling us about universities that do not require GRE

Top US schools that don’t require GRE

The GRE exam is useful in many ways, but luckily for some students, not all programs or universities ask for it. Here are a few top USA schools that don't require GRE. GRE is a standardized assessment required by most graduate schools in the US. Needless to say, the scores of the exam play a critical role in the admission process. However, there are some universities that do not require you ...

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Types of scholarships for international students | Scholarship list

High expenses is a major reason students refrain from studying abroad. Well, we are here to tell you not to let your finances hold you back and explore the various scholarships for international students. Millions of international students dream of studying abroad. Most go abroad for their postgraduate degrees while some, for their undergraduate degrees. However, while studying abroad is the opportunity of a lifetime, it is also one of the most ...

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