Student experiences | Student interview with Vaibhav Gokhale

Every student has innumerable doubts about studying abroad. In this student interview, we ask some of these most common and pressing questions to Vaibhav Gokhale, a recent graduate of the remarkable University of Bristol, UK. Originally a science student, Vaibhav pursued a bachelor's degree in the prestigious Institute of Hotel Management(IHM), Goa. With considerable work experience of more than a year in a managerial position, Vaibhav decided to apply for a ...

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International student standing in a phonebooth in London near the big ben in the UK

How to get a student visa for UK

From its college cities with rich legacies to its prestigious research institutes, the UK provides higher education which is unlike any other country. However, applying for a student visa for UK can be a confusing and complicated process. Here's a step-by-step guide that tells you all about it! The United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations for international students.  If studying in the UK has always been your dream ...

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Riya Shah Student experiences in Fleming College, Canada

Student experiences | Riya Shah’s study abroad diaries

Canada is one of the top study abroad destinations for most international students studying abroad. Read on as Riya Shah, an international student at Fleming College, Canada, regales us with details from her study abroad diaries. Fleming College is one of the best colleges in Canada, renowned for programs such as business, environmental sciences, social services, etc. Finding the right university that fits your budget, your scores, and your preferences, is ...

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Girl giving the SAT exam

What is the SAT exam? | Exam pattern, fees, & more!

Dream of going abroad for your bachelor's degree? If yes, then preparing for the all-important SAT exam is an absolute must! Wondering what is the SAT exam? Read on to get all the important details you need in order to ace your SATs. The SATs are an important metric used by institutions to measure a high school student’s readiness for college. If you have just started researching and know nothing about ...

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Q & A session with Azalea Saba

Student experiences | Study abroad questions with Azalea Saba

Applying and getting into the university of your dreams can be a difficult task. To help students with their study abroad journey, Azalea Saba, an MFA graduate from the Cranbrook Academy of Art, USA, answers all our study abroad questions. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the process of studying abroad. The best way to avoid some of the most common complications is to learn from other students' experiences. Read ...

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