Student using AI in Higher education

5 benefits of AI in Higher Education

Universities across the globe are transforming their end-to-end processes using artificial intelligence. Take a look at these 5 major benefits of AI in higher education.

The influence of AI in higher education has been rapid and widespread. The impact of Artificial intelligence is undeniable and evident from the way faculties nowadays teach and students learn. Already, smart AI tech. can complete a diverse set of varying tasks. So what impact does it have on uber important and ever-changing sector of higher education?

1) Student acquisition

AI in higher education helps with student acquisition
AI tech helps institutions engage with global prospective students

Personalization of the enrollment process with the help of AI tech in higher education, allows universities to target students who are most likely to succeed in their programs. Adaptive conversational assistants help institutions cater to students worldwide, round the clock. Such integrations of AI in higher education helps universities boost enrollment numbers.

2) Operational efficiency

Researchers have been flirting with the use of artificial intelligence in higher education for quite a few years. And the outcome is the use of tools such as document recognition, essay and SOP graders, and chatbots in higher education. AI tech like these could use information from multiple campus systems to guide administrative decisions and tailor university curriculum toward employers’ hiring needs. Thus, increasing the university’s operational efficiency.

3) Classroom learning

Teachers using AI in education
AI tech in higher education makes classroom education easier and more efficient

Artificial intelligence majorly assists classroom learning by providing a comprehensive educational experience. It allows students to expand their imaginations with tools and technologies such as augmented reality and virtual assistants. These Classroom Assistance technologies for grading and monitoring help the faculty enhance the educational experience and get more out of their class time with the students.

4) Student engagement

AI technologies such as the interactive assistants allow students to communicate their issues right when they crop up consequently, increasing student retention rates. Student engagement can also be advanced by embracing unique AI tech like the student success prediction models. Tech. like Chatbots in higher education also helps educators improve their efficiency in teaching based on the student opinions collected by the conversational assistants.

5) Reminders

Girl checking reminders from a chatbot in higher education
Conversational AI chatbots are used by institutions to interact with students and send them relevant reminders

With the help of AI tech in higher education, institutions can aid students by sending them helpful emails, text messages or push notifications. These act as gentle reminders for when certain tasks need completing, deadlines are approaching or events are coming up. Such uses of AI will help students familiarise themselves with the tech which will consequently, increase student engagement.

As we enter this technological age, the presence of AI in higher education is inevitable and truly necessary. And iSchoolconnect will help you ramp up your institution’s tech quotient with our cutting-edge AI use cases.

Ashish Fernando

Ashish Fernando is the whole and sole of the remarkable ed-tech start-up, iSchoolConnect. Ashish is a brilliant edupreneur, passionate about reinventing the international admissions process, using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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