17 motivational podcasts for students

Top 17 motivational podcasts for students | Why you’ll love them

These 17 much-needed motivational podcasts for students will inspire you to get out of bed right now and make the most of your student life. Dive right in and pick your favorite! With endless lectures, assignments, and projects complicating your life, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. These motivational podcasts for students are here to save your day! So sit back, listen to the inspiring stories of Lewis Howes, hear Tim Ferriss ...

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How to study abroad in Sweden

7 things to know before studying in Sweden | Top colleges, fees & more!

20% of people in Sweden are foreign-born! That’s right, Sweden is not only home to multi-billion dollar companies but is also welcoming and values different cultures. But these are not the only reasons to study in Sweden... Dreaming of a study abroad destination where you can learn things in a different way? Look no further! You can study in Sweden - a place that has some of the best universities in ...

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Ireland student visa requirements

6 steps to get the Ireland Student Visa | Requirements, fees, and more!

Planning to pursue your education in Ireland? You are going to need a student visa. Read this blog to know which visa to apply for, how to apply, Ireland Student Visa requirements, benefits, and more! Read on to find out which Ireland Student Visa requirements you need to fulfill and how you can apply and get the visa! Thanks to relaxed immigration policies and abundant job opportunities, Ireland is quickly becoming a ...

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How to prepare for Duolingo English test | Sample questions included!

9 things to know about Duolingo English Test | Sample questions included!

Accepted by 1500+ institutions from around the world, the Duolingo English Test is designed to test your readiness to study at a university abroad. Read this blog to know all about the test and practice from the Duolingo English Test sample questions shared below! The Duolingo English Test is a unique English proficiency exam that tests your  Literacy, Conversation, Comprehension, and Production skills in English. Accepted by more than 1500 schools ...

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National University of Singapore | Acceptance rate, fees & more!

Apply to National University of Singapore | Acceptance rate, fees & more!

Ranking #11 in the QS World Rankings, the National University of Singapore offers high-quality education and research opportunities to students. Read on to know more about the National University of Singapore acceptance rate, top courses, scholarships, and more! A leading global university, the National University of Singapore (NUS) ranks #1 in Asia for its education. The university has 13 undergraduate schools and 4 graduate colleges spread across 3 different campuses. No ...

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MBA in Germany

Ultimate guide to pursuing MBA in Germany | Top colleges, fees & more!

MBA in Germany is a smart choice if you’re looking to pursue your management degree abroad at a very low cost. Germany is a hub for research, technology, and innovation, inviting more than 200,000 international students every year. If you want to be one of them, read on! With 5 universities amongst the top 100 MBA programs in the world, Germany offers high-quality education at low costs. What’s more, an MBA ...

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How to study abroad for Indian students

Top 8 things to consider when deciding to study abroad | For Indian students

In a recent survey conducted by iSchoolConnect, 36.5% of Indian students said that they wanted to study abroad despite COVID-19. Find out which factors affected their higher-ed decisions and how. Up until 2020, Indian students were already facing several hurdles when applying to universities abroad. Like the political situation in the US, high competition when applying to foreign universities, financing their education, etc. Then came COVID-19, entirely disrupting the idea to ...

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US vs UK education - Which is better

UK vs US education | Which country is the right fit for you

These 5 primary points of differences between a UK vs US education will help you decide which one of these is the best country for your higher studies and career abroad! Among the top 3 study abroad destinations among international students, United States and United Kingdom offer entirely different experiences to students. There are vast differences between US vs UK education systems, costs of studying and living, job opportunities, and immigration ...

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