6 Higher-Ed tech. products that will make your university GenZ ready

Generation Z is fast approaching and they bring on a new technological age with them. So the question arises: Is your university ready for them? Meeting the technological demands of the upcoming generations and optimizing the enrollment processes accordingly, is an absolute necessity. The only way to do that is for educators to embrace the newly emerging technology trends in higher education. Here we mention some Higher-Ed tech. products that will ...

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Educause 2018

Get the Best Education and Career Advice from this EDUCAUSE Video

Top Industry novices from the EDUCAUSE fraternity get candid about what they feel is the perfect mix to winning the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Knw4wTOoec This EDUCAUSE video is a must-watch for all aspiring business leaders. Do you know the difference between a Mentor, Coach and a Sponsor? Diane Butler, Associate Vice President, Rice University stresses the need to have coaches, mentors, and sponsors for career progress in the first 5 formative years of joining a ...

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5 inspirational speeches on student life

Words have power. Sometimes, you hear a speech that motivates you and moves you to your very core. As a student, these 5 motivational speeches on student life are a must-see. Over the years TED has been instrumental in capturing the human imagination and spreading the human network of intelligence and information. Every TED Speaker has in some way or the other influenced us to think for the better future. However, ...

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