Smiling happy girl holding Flags of USA and Flag of Canada

USA vs. Canada: Which is better for studying abroad?

The United States and Canada are two of the most popular study abroad destinations. Therefore, many international students face the ultimate dilemma; USA vs. Canada: Which is better for studying abroad? When you’re pursuing higher education, it’s important to consider many factors. What do you want to study? How much does it cost? What are the courses offered? And more importantly, which university should you choose? But before you decide on ...

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Man giving Flying tips for international students

7 useful travel tips for students flying abroad

Leaving your home and flying abroad for your higher education can be a daunting experience. We've compiled a list of travel tips for students that will make this transition as stress-free as possible. Have you got admission in an international institute of your choice? All organized to take a flight abroad to study? But be on guard, prepare for the long plane carefully and be critical of time and expenses. This ...

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Girl studying in one of the best places to study abroad for international students

3 Perfect places to study abroad for international students

Studying abroad is a dream adventure for many. However, there is a major question every student needs answered: Which are the best places to study abroad and which one should they choose? University life is an exciting milestone in any student’s life. People go through unique experiences and explore new environments. For an international student, this whole affair has another meaning altogether. While the USA and the UK have been the ...

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Girl student smiling and holding a piggybank. Know about the most affordable countries to study abroad.

3 Most Affordable Countries to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is an adventure that every student should embark upon. However, the high cost involved in education abroad stops many from doing so. We say don't let finances hold you back. Take a look at this list of the cheapest countries to study abroad. For many students on a limited budget, this may be hard to believe but getting quality education abroad is possible. Plenty of international countries believe in ...

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Students in university celebrating holi

4 Countries that celebrate the festival of colors around the world

The vibrant festival of colors is best celebrated amongst friends and family. But as a student studying abroad, here are some ways you can celebrate Holi with newfound friends and make new memories. It's time for the most playful festival of the year! Holi is the festival marking the beginning of Spring. Widely celebrated in India and Nepal, Holi has now spread to different parts of the globe. Being away from home, students ...

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This blog is a guide for studying in usa for girls

A girl’s guide to studying abroad

Are you a girl dreaming of spreading your wings and fleeting across the 7 oceans? Well here's your guide to studying abroad and it's full of do's and don'ts for the girls doing so. Studying abroad is more than just a dream, it's your chance of a lifetime to gain new experiences in life. But it can also be a daunting task as a female study abroad student in a foreign ...

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This blog is about DIY ideas for your room to make it feel cozy.

DIY dorm room ideas

Your college dorm room is your haven for your entire college life.  It's the place where you study until your eyes tire, where you eat to your heart's content, party till you drop and sleep to avoid the world outside. So what can you do to make it as comfortable as possible? You add your own personal touch to it of course! Your room may be small and plain like most dorms ...

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Group of friends is the most important thing in any student accommodation

International student accommodation options

We've always heard the words 'There is no place like home', but we never truly feel them until we're in an unknown country, on the cusp of starting a new chapter of our lives. To help you with your living choices, here are several accommodation options for international students. Getting out of your comfort zone and adjusting in a new place in a different country is certainly a challenge. Accommodations are ...

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