The new york skyline

Top 6 reasons why you should study in USA!

The United States has dominated the global education arena for decades. And regardless of how common the concept may become, there are several reasons listed in this blog that answer the question: Why study in USA? Why study in USA? Studying abroad is a dream that comes true only for a chosen few. With innumerable courses being offered in almost all countries, selecting the right country is equally important while you ...

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Carefully decide what you would want to post on social media.

Scary effect of social media on college admissions

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter . . . These can reveal a lot about you that your application doesn't, and schools will sometimes take note of that. This effect of social media on college admissions can either hamper or boost your chances of getting in. Let’s face it: When it’s about instant communication and knowledge about a person’s life, the Internet with its superpowers can wreak havoc and change the way people perceive ...

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