Student life in Canada

Student life in Canada | 7 Essential things to know

If you plan on studying in Canada, you are bound to have questions about Canadian universities, where to live, part-time jobs, and innumerable other factors. At the end of this blog, you'll have almost all your doubts answered. Read on. Did you know? Almost 1/3rd of the study abroad aspirants consider Canada among their top study abroad destination preferences and if you're one of the aspirants, you need to understand the ...

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iSchoolConnect partners with Google Cloud Platform

iSchoolConnect is now a proud Google Cloud partner!

You've known iSchoolConnect as the unique AI-powered study abroad experts. Now, we have partnered with the Google Cloud Platform to ensure that we're better equipped to help you! Wondering what it means that iSchoolConnect is a Google Cloud partner? Read on to find out more about how it helps students all around the globe. A quick background Our first association with Google began in 2018. We were offered assistance from Google ...

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iSchoolConnect partners with the Rotaract District 3141 to guide study abroad aspirants

iSchoolConnect partners with the Rotaract District 3141

Expanding their sphere of services further, iSchoolConnect partners with non-profit organization Rotaract District 3141, to guide study abroad aspirants. In a move to provide assistance to the potential study abroad aspirants within their ranks, Rotaract District 3141, a community of young minds working towards the betterment of society, has partnered with iSchoolConnect Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a USA and India-based company that uses AI technology to provide study abroad assistance. Rotaract District 3141 ...

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iSchoolConnect Study Abroad Fest 2021

All about the iSchoolConnect Study Abroad Fest 2021!

All students who think of studying abroad, are bound to have some questions. We tried to offer all the information they needed in the workshops at the iSchoolConnect Study Abroad Fest! The study abroad process can be confusing and complicated. We decided to help students get first-hand authentic information from experts from all over the world! That was what the entire iSchoolConnect Study Abroad Fest was about. Read more about it ...

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iSchoolConnect partners with the SRM Institute of Science & Technology

Always dreamed of studying abroad? For all students at SRM University, the process just became immensely easier. iSchoolConnect Technologies recently partnered with the SRM Institute of Science & Technology to guide potential study abroad aspirants. This unique partnership will benefit all study abroad aspirants at SRM Institute of Science & Technology. It will provide them access to expert consultations and unique AI tools which will empower them in pursuing their higher education ...

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12 easy and healthy meals for students while they study abroad

12 healthy meals for students | Easy-to-master recipes included!

When you’re in college, it’s difficult to keep up with classes, assignments, part-time work, and cooking. But this list of healthy meals for students has 12 amazing, easy-to-make, and healthy recipes that will easily get you through your day! Living and studying abroad makes it very easy for college students to skip meals and frequent fast-food restaurants. But you know as well as I do that having a healthy diet will ...

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iSchoolConnect's AI-tools

How to study abroad hassle-free with iSchoolConnect

The process of studying abroad can be immensely complicated. To make it easier for students worldwide, iSchoolConnect developed a few AI-based tools. Here’s how you can use them to simplify your study abroad journey. ‘What are the most confusing aspects of the study abroad process?’, is a question we asked hundreds of study abroad aspirants. Out of all the responses we received, here are the top 5 things students find most ...

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Best ways to learn a language at home

How to learn a new language | 6 of the easiest tips!

Curious about how to learn a new language? We made a list of 6 ways you can easily learn a new language, regardless of where you might be. Learning a new language is exciting and interesting. The new language can give you access to a variety of different avenues and opportunities. Before you decide on how to learn a new language, you need to choose the language you want to learn. ...

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