Girl holding German flag pointing out how to study in Germany for free

Here’s how you can study in Germany for free

As many countries worldwide treat education as a commercial commodity, Germany is a hot spot for students from every corner of the world. So naturally, the question of the hour is: How to study in Germany for free? Germany is one of the greatest beacons of hope for international students looking to study abroad for free. Although there are many caveats and tangents associated with free education in Germany, we will ...

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How to study in Australia

Why study in Australia | Top benefits, colleges, fees, and more!

One of the top 5 destination choices for international students, Australia has 26 world-ranking universities, quality education, and amazing job opportunities! But these are not the only reasons you should study in Australia.  We understand - there are a lot of factors you need to consider before you choose to study in Australia. And although it may seem like an easy decision to make, it’s not. Read through this blog to get ...

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Smiling happy girl holding Flags of USA and Flag of Canada

USA vs. Canada: Which is better for studying abroad?

The United States and Canada are two of the most popular study abroad destinations. Therefore, many international students face the ultimate dilemma; USA vs. Canada: Which is better for studying abroad? When you’re pursuing higher education, it’s important to consider many factors. What do you want to study? How much does it cost? What are the courses offered? And more importantly, which university should you choose? But before you decide on ...

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Best countries for immigration

What is immigration? | 8 Ideal countries for immigration for students.

Most international students often look to settle in the countries they are studying in. So before you choose your education destination, understand what immigration is and how it can help. Look at this list of the best countries for immigration and find out why Canada, Australia, and Germany make it to the top of the list! There are various factors to be considered before choosing the perfect country for studying abroad. ...

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Girl studying in one of the best places to study abroad for international students

3 Perfect places to study abroad for international students

Studying abroad is a dream adventure for many. However, there is a major question every student needs answered: Which are the best places to study abroad and which one should they choose? University life is an exciting milestone in any student’s life. People go through unique experiences and explore new environments. For an international student, this whole affair has another meaning altogether. While the USA and the UK have been the ...

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Girl looking at countries with money in her hand

Top 5 cheapest countries to study abroad for Indian students

Studying abroad is an adventure that every student should embark upon. However, the high cost involved in education abroad stops many from doing so. We say don't let finances hold you back. Take a look at this list of the cheapest countries to study abroad for Indian students. For many students on a limited budget, this may be hard to believe but getting quality education abroad is possible. Plenty of international ...

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Students in university celebrating holi

4 Countries that celebrate the festival of colors around the world

The vibrant festival of colors is best celebrated amongst friends and family. But as a student studying abroad, here are some ways you can celebrate Holi with newfound friends and make new memories. It's time for the most playful festival of the year! Holi is the festival marking the beginning of Spring. Widely celebrated in India and Nepal, Holi has now spread to different parts of the globe. Being away from home, students ...

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The new york skyline

Top 6 reasons why you should study in USA!

The United States has dominated the global education arena for decades. And regardless of how common the concept may become, there are several reasons listed in this blog that answer the question: Why study in USA? Why study in USA? Studying abroad is a dream that comes true only for a chosen few. With innumerable courses being offered in almost all countries, selecting the right country is equally important while you select ...

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