international student insurance

9 things you need to know about international student insurance

An international student insurance is a must if you plan on studying abroad. It makes sure that you are prepared for all that comes your way in a foreign country. Keep reading to know how to get an insurance, best plans, offers and more! It's very exciting to think about moving to a foreign country. You dream about the opportunities that will be presented to you, the places you will explore, ...

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Student Accommodation

A 9-step guide to find student accommodation abroad

Deciding to study abroad is a big deal, so there’s a ton of work to do before you board that plane. Choosing student accommodation sort of tops that list. If you are confused about how to find the right student accommodation, read on! Let’s help you find your home away from home! It’s very normal to have a myriad of questions while looking for student accommodation in another country. Although it’s ...

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Man giving Flying tips for international students

7 useful travel tips for students flying abroad

Leaving your home and flying abroad for your higher education can be a daunting experience. We've compiled a list of travel tips for students that will make this transition as stress-free as possible. Have you got admission to an international institute of your choice? All organized to take a flight abroad to study? But be on guard, prepare for the long plane carefully and be critical of time and expenses. This ...

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Choose off campus vs on campus depending on your preference

On-Campus VS Off-Campus: What should International Students Choose?

When thinking of study abroad one major question that pops up is- On-campus VS Off-campus and which is better? Let's better understand which will best suit your needs! For many students, studying abroad is the first real experience of living away from home. It gives them the opportunity to spread their wings and ease into adult life. All students have the choice to either live on-campus vs off-campus accommodation. However, before we ...

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Clearing doubts and myths about why Indian students go abroad to study

Popular myths Indian students have about studying abroad

Many students dream about going to a different country, exploring new cities and soaking up the knowledge that the foreign universities offer. However, not all end up doing so because of the myths floating around regarding studying abroad. The preconceived notions about education abroad make some students believe it is impossible to do so. Traveling abroad for your education is a great way to see the world and study simultaneously. In ...

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Group of friends is the most important thing in any student accommodation

International student accommodation options

We've always heard the words 'There is no place like home', but we never truly feel them until we're in an unknown country, on the cusp of starting a new chapter of our lives. To help you with your living choices, here are several accommodation options for international students. Getting out of your comfort zone and adjusting in a new place in a different country is certainly a challenge. Accommodations are ...

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