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EDUCAUSE 2018 – Creating an Impact in the World of Education Technology

Educause annual conference 2018

Educause has been organizing conferences since the past 24 years and has brought together experts from the Education arena from around the Globe.

The 4-day conference aims at bringing together ignited minds of the education industry with one goal and that is to elevate Higher Education and learning.

The ocean of learning is vast, which is the main reason why professionals religiously attend Educause year after year. The conference sees some of the brightest minds from likes of Google, Dell, Microsoft, and many other global Fortune 500 companies.

iSchoolConnect takes great pride in being a part of the world’s largest Edtech conference. Explore iSchoolConnect’s services at Google’s booth as we represent the Higher Education Admission Artificial Intelligence Solutions (booth #1202) at Educause 2018. There will be over 200 exhibitors in the Expo area presenting their ideas on Higher Education Technology.

Influencing the admission department in the world’s best Universities

iSchoolConnect is looking forward to creating a massive impact on the engagement, enrollment, and evaluations that take place in institutions. While other booths bring in expertise in the various dimensions of Education technology such as classroom teaching tools, safety tools and cloud computing services, the former will bring forth path-breaking AI and machine learning for International student evaluation services.

educause annual conference 2018
AI can help you evaluate face, voice and body language of the students.

Ultimate tech support to the Admissions Department & more!

Modern education technology that will be showcased at Educause would be of great importance to both schools as well as the students. Using features such as multiple application entries through a single platform would save time for the students who usually apply to numerous Universities and subsequently to multiple courses.

The same would also benefit Universities as iSchoolConnect would filter all the applications that Universities would receive thereby increasing the number of well-fitted applications and saving time by cutting through the less relevant submissions.

Admissions made more efficient with Data based Evaluations and Enrollments.

Trusted, appreciated and recognized by Google

Quantiphi Inc. is iSchoolConnect’s Parent Company and is one of the 5 Google Partners in the AI space around the world. iSchoolConnect was recently funded and is continuously mentored by Google. If you are making it to the conference, do visit the Google Booth #1202  and learn about all the efficient tools that’d of great help to students find the perfect school and vice versa. The Google booth is an end to end vision for edtech related service offerings.

Google for education
Visit Googles Booth #1202. Explore all about Google Cloud and other Higher Ed services.

The education technology revolution

The modern education technology has gracefully incorporated Artificial intelligenceWith features like Video Interview Analysis, Document Recognition and Marketing Intelligence Universities would be able to gauge the right fit to their student candidature.

Eminent speakers to watch out for at the conference are – Martha McAlister, Program Manager at Google; Drew Sidel, Program Manager at Google; Nick Young, Manager at University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Ian Crew, Solutions Architect at University of California, Berkeley.

The edtech experience at Educause 2018 is one of a kind. The technological advancements that would be showcased at the platform are worth watching out for. There is a lot more in store at Educause 2018. Connect with us today to know more!

Meet iSchoolConnect at Google’s Booth #1202.

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