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Keys for a successful interview by phone or Skype

Prepare well before you sit for your interview by phone or skype

A handy interview resource for students when applying to a university abroad.

The moment of the truth has arrived: you are about to be interviewed for your application to study at a foreign university. The thought of an interview makes most people feel incredibly nervous. Face-to face interviews are by themselves something to be worried about, but when technology gets in the way, the challenges double… this can truly increase your levels of anxiety.

You actually cannot see the face of the person asking you questions, so you don´t fully understand the interviewers body language. And you’re unsure if what you are saying, the way you are saying is playing for or against you.

But the right preparation can solve those worries. If you get prepared with anticipation, you can manage your words and express your thoughts coherently. Your end goal is to convince your interviewer that you are a fitting candidate to study in the institution. In this article, we provide you with some amazing tips to help you overcome your fears and be confident while chatting with the interviewer across a computer or phone.

Here’s your interview checklist…

  • Prepare answers to basic questions – Before the meeting, it is good idea to ask yourself in advance what sort of questions you are likely to be asked. Prepare your answers to basic interview questions described here by QS and second. This will help you have a better management of your emotions during the interview.
  • Test your equipment – Have your phone/computer fully charged and ensure your camera and other equipment works in an optimal way. Technical interruptions during interviews tend to have a negative effect on the interviewer. Dont forget to test your speakers before hand.
  • Set up your location – Fix a place where you will take your interview. Do practice sessions using the same place, chair and table that you will be using. This will program your mind and help reduce your stress. Ensure the place
  • Practice, Practice, Practice – Have a friend or someone you trust, rehearse the interview with you. Ask them to not only evaluate your responses but also your voice, tone and expressions. Best way is to ask them to score you on a scale of 10 on your confidence, clarity, expressions, and overall thought process.
  • Your Plan B – Keep your thoughts next to you on a small piece of paper. At some point during the interview if you forget something you , you can refer to the piece of paper; in this manner you can be easily back on track with just a little look at it. Dont worry, the interviewer will appriciate your preparedness and most likely wont judge you. Everyone’s been through this and I’m sure your interviewer had interview anxiety themselves at some point.
  • Dress appropriately – If the interview is conducted through Skype, get dressed for the occasion, as for any normal interview. Through the camera the interviewer may notice more than you think, so the way you look is very important. Dont overdress with a tie (men) or a suit. It good to show up in business casuals. If you need more help try this link
  • Hydrate and chill out –  After all you have nothing to lose. Take the interview with a pinch of salt. The interviewer is under as much pressure as you are. Friendlier casual conversations lead to better results. Drink enough water and breathe deeply before you start your interview.


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