How to write the perfect Cover Letter

How to write the perfect cover letter in 7 easy steps

A compelling cover letter convinces the hiring manager to take a closer look at your resume. Ideally, it should provide information that shows what a great fit you are for the job or a university. ...

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international student insurance

9 things you need to know about international student insurance

An international student insurance is a must if you plan on studying abroad. It makes sure that you are prepared for all that comes your way in a foreign country. Keep reading to know how ...

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Universities in Germany- Top 10

Top 10 universities in Germany you should know about!

Germany is fast emerging as a popular study abroad destination among young and ambitious international students. You can also find some of the top universities in Germany to study in. Let’s dive in to find ...

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Top 8 reasons to study in Italy

Top amazing reasons why you should study in Italy!

Italy is one of the most sought-after study destinations in Europe. The culture, as well as its education system, is famous worldwide. Read this detailed guide on how to study in Italy and learn about ...

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Is my GMAT score good enough?

Do you know what is a good GMAT score?

Aspiring to study in an esteemed business school? Then better focus on getting the best GMAT score possible. But, how do you know if you have scored well? Here is everything you need to know ...

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Liberal arts vs Fine arts. What to choose

7 Interesting things you must know about liberal arts

  Did you know maths and science are also part of liberal arts subjects? Are you curious as to what you can accomplish with a liberal arts degree? You can learn everything about this degree. All ...

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Everything you need to know about machine learning

8 important things you need to know about Machine Learning

AI is the future. As more and more data gets generated everyday, the need for smart AI technologies to manage and analyse it has grown. Here is a complete guide on all you need to ...

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Best methods to concentrate on studies

12 best ways to concentrate on studies | Bonus tips included!

One question that every student has is ‘how to concentrate on studies’ effectively. With distractions all around you, it can get tough to focus on one thing. We understand the struggle and we have your ...

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Top 10 online jobs for students

Top 10 online jobs for students without work experience

Recruiters in all domains prefer candidates with some work experience. But how can you be experienced if no one gives you a job? Worry not! You can now find ample job opportunities online. Keep reading ...

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Best Interior Design courses of 2021

Top 8 amazing interior design courses you must know about

Ever thought of becoming an interior designer but unsure of what course to choose or what skills you need? Learn all about the top design universities around the world that offer the best Interior designing ...

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