Woman telling us about the importance of english in a workplace

Importance of English in an office or a workplace

English is not only the most universally spoken language, but it is also the primary language of the corporate world. As a newly graduated student entering the corporate world, the importance of the English language ...

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A view of Ireland skyline

10 Best universities in Ireland for Masters

Looking for information about universities abroad is difficult and finding all the details about it in one place, is even more so. In our blogs, we try and provide as much info as possible. Without ...

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How to apply for scholarships for studying abroad | Application tips inside!

Studying abroad may sound too expensive for you to afford, but that’s a common misconception. There are thousands of scholarships for studying abroad that are just waiting for you! All you have to do is ...

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Diverse people using their phones and networking while studying abroad

Benefits of networking while studying abroad | 6 Powerful networking tips!

Building connections with people is an essential part of establishing a successful career. As a student studying abroad, you are in the best place to create a solid, influential network. All you have to do ...

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Woman thinking about IELTS vs TOEFL vs PTE

IELTS vs TOEFL vs PTE : Which English test should you attempt?

As an international student who has decided to study abroad, attempting one of the English proficiency tests is almost always mandatory. The question is, which exam should you give - IELTS vs TOEFL vs PTE? In ...

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Woman happy about getting student loan forgiveness

How to get student loan forgiveness | Top 10 ways!

Many students wish to pursue their dreams of higher education. But education is never cheap and sometimes, student loans are inevitable. Loans don't have to be a burden though. Here are some of the best ...

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Student experiences | Student interview with Vaibhav Gokhale

Every student has innumerable doubts about studying abroad. In this student interview, we ask some of these most common and pressing questions to Vaibhav Gokhale, a recent graduate of the remarkable University of Bristol, UK. Originally ...

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International student standing in a phonebooth in London near the big ben in the UK

How to get a student visa for UK

From its college cities with rich legacies to its prestigious research institutes, the UK provides higher education which is unlike any other country. However, applying for a student visa for UK can be a confusing ...

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Riya Shah Student experiences in Fleming College, Canada

Student experiences | Riya Shah’s study abroad diaries

Canada is one of the top study abroad destinations for most international students studying abroad. Read on as Riya Shah, an international student at Fleming College, Canada, regales us with details from her study abroad ...

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Girl giving the SAT exam

What is the SAT exam? | Exam pattern, fees, & more!

Dream of going abroad for your bachelor's degree? If yes, then preparing for the all-important SAT exam is an absolute must! Wondering what is the SAT exam? Read on to get all the important details ...

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