Girl holding German flag pointing out how to study in Germany for free

Here’s how you can study in Germany for free

As many countries worldwide treat education as a commercial commodity, Germany is a hot spot for students from every corner of the world. So naturally, the question of the hour is: How to study in ...

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Q & A session with Meghna Baid

Student experiences | Q & A session with Indian student in USA

We spoke to Ms. Meghna Baid, a computer science graduate from Portland State University(PSU) and asked about her own student experiences. Studying abroad in an unknown country is both a challenge and an adventure. The ...

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5 incredible benefits of studying abroad

There are students across the globe who dream of studying abroad but yet, wonder if moving to a different country is worth it. Well, we suggest you take a look at these top 5 benefits ...

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How to apply for a Canadian Student Visa

Wondering how to apply for a Canadian Student Visa? Take a look at this step-by-step guide to find out the documents required, visa fees, & other Canadian student visa requirements!

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How to choose a career that’s perfect for you | Five helpful insider tips!

Deciding which profession suits you the best can be a difficult task. A poll by Huffington Post showed that 80% of employees in their 20s want to change their careers. So the question is: how ...

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Girl studying in one of the top universities for MBA in Canada

Top 10 universities for MBA in Canada

An MBA from a reputable university is a stepping stone into the world of finance and business management. Having a professional MBA from a reputable institution is only the cherry on top. So here's a ...

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Corporate woman holding money telling you about the Highest paying jobs in the world

Top 10 highest paying jobs in 2019

Choosing the perfect career is a daunting task. Your interests and potential salary are some of the most important factors to consider. So, if you have to choose, why not pick one of the highest ...

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Australian flag and books for Top universities for MS in Australia

Top universities for MS in Australia

Australia is renowned for offering high-quality education and a great cultural environment for international students. It is a hub for biological research and advancements and houses some of the top universities for MS in Australia. Many ...

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A scenic view of the opera house in australia

Why study in Australia? | 8 reasons for studying in Australia

When we think of Australia, we think of kangaroos, koalas, wide-open spaces and beautiful beaches. But apart from being an explorers dream, Australia is also an ideal education destination. Here's why studying in Australia could ...

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Woman smiling and typing on the laptop, pursuing a career in computer science

Top Careers in Computer Science in 2019

In the rapidly growing field of computer science, it can be difficult to decide on a career that suits you the best. Take a look at this list of careers in computer science to find ...

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