bachelor's in media course

9 things you should know about a Bachelor in Media course

With an increase in the number of platforms and consumers, there is high competition among organizations to provide quick and relevant information. Media is everywhere and everyone in the world has access to it. It is the most powerful tool in today's time. And if that's something that interests you, a Bachelor's in Media is the right choice for you. Here is a complete guide on everything you need to know ...

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5 countries with best education systems in the world

Top 5 countries with the best education systems in the world

Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." He was right! The young people of today will become the leaders of tomorrow. Their thoughts and actions will shape tomorrow's global economy. And that's where having the ideal education system comes in. The best education systems in the world not only educate students in their respective fields but also groom them for ...

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student success

How I got into the University of Cincinnati | Aryan’s student success story

Aryan Shukla, a recent high school graduate, plans to attend the University of Cincinnati for a co-op Bachelor of Computer Science program next fall. The University of Cincinnati is a public research university in Ohio, USA and is among the best schools in the country for Science and Engineering. But the institute is quite difficult to get into. Read on to know more about Aryan's student success story and learn ...

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7 best computer courses you can take up after 12th

Best computer courses | Top 9 for undergrad aspirants

Best computer courses | An overview The IT industry worldwide was projected to grow a whopping 104% between the years 2018-2023, and it has done just that. Now, more so after the pandemic, all professional fields require the use of computers and their applications. This has created a demand for a computer-literate workforce as well as specialists in the field. Taking up a computer course in today's times is not only a ...

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Top 10 Medical colleges in the world

10 best medical colleges in the world you should know about

Best medical colleges | An overview TV shows like Grey's Anatomy, House M.D., and The Good Doctor - to name a few - portray most of the greatness of the medical profession. But do you know where the best white-coat-wearing, stethoscope-wielding superheroes are forged in real life? Let's take a look at the best medical colleges in the world. Which is the best medical college in the world? This question is a bit ...

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Which Engineering course to choose

7 hottest Engineering courses for a successful career abroad

Engineering courses | An overview Engineering is an interesting and dynamic field, perfect for those who love bringing their ideas to life. As an engineer, you can not only identify problems and solve them but also watch how your work is changing lives. But there's one issue. There are too many Engineering courses to choose from- Civil, Aeronautical, Electrical, Mechanical, and more. But before diving into Engineering courses and how to ...

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MBA in USA vs MBA in UK

MBA in UK vs MBA in USA | What to choose and how?

MBA in UK vs MBA in USA | An introduction It can be quite a dilemma, choosing between an MBA in the UK or an MBA in the USA. Both destinations are highly reputed for their education, have a rich global culture, and are gateways to numerous career opportunities. But how do you choose the right country for yourself? This detailed comparative guide will tell you everything you should consider as ...

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7 important entrance exams to study abroad

Top 7 entrance exams to study abroad you must know about

Exams to study abroad | Introduction Studying abroad has become easier than ever. You have many great options for higher education, be it in terms of courses, countries, or colleges. At the same time, it's easy to get lost in the eligibility requirements of a course. This can lead to confusion about what your academic scores should be, what your profile should look like, and which exams to study abroad are ...

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Student life in Canada

Student life in Canada | 7 Essential things to know

Did you know? Almost 1/3rd of the study abroad aspirants consider Canada among their top study abroad destination preferences. If you're one of the aspirants, you need to understand the important aspects of student life in Canada. Given this level of popularity among international students as well as skilled immigrants, Canada has quickly become one of the most sought-after higher education destinations in the world. But, even if you're ...

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student success

How I got into UC Davis | Student success story, Preethi Muruganandam

UC Davis is a research university ranked among the best colleges in the world. It is a dream university for many international students, one of them being Preethi Muruganandam. A student of SRM University, Preethi has completed her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and will be moving for a Master of Science in Computer Science to the University of California, Davis. Her student success story is a must-read for ...

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17 motivational podcasts for students

Top 17 motivational podcasts for students | Why you’ll love them

With endless lectures, assignments, and projects complicating your life, it's natural to feel overwhelmed. These motivational podcasts for students are here to save your day! So sit back, listen to the inspiring stories of Lewis Howes, hear Tim Ferriss talk about hacks and tools you can use in daily life, and prepare to be amazed by the mind-blowing ideas on TED Radio Hour. Let's get started! 1. The GaryVee Audio Experience #1 in ...

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Study in Sweden

Study in Sweden | Top colleges, fees & more 2023!

Study in Sweden | Introduction Dreaming of a study abroad destination where you can learn things in a different way? Look no further! You can study in Sweden - a place that has some of the best universities in the world, is home to several multi-million dollar companies, and is one of the most beautiful countries you'll ever see. Read on to learn more about the top universities in Sweden, the cost ...

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