How to study abroad without breaking the bank

How to study abroad without breaking the bank?

Is there a way to manage a budget for your university expenses and still aspire to study abroad? There are many ways to obtain financial aid and acquiring scholarships for studying abroad is one of the best options to go about it. Here, we give you a list of the various ways you can support your education all by yourself. The US education system is always eager to help bright young ...

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Tips to get into Harvard University

Harvard University | How to apply and get in as an international student!

Harvard University | An overview Thousands of students in the United States and throughout the world aspire to attend Harvard University. Harvard's admissions procedure is extremely hard and difficult as one of the most prestigious colleges. While admission to this prestigious Ivy League institution is difficult, it is doable with hard work and dedication. If you want to go to Harvard for college, you must start planning early and accept that your ...

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The new york skyline

Top 6 reasons why you should study in USA!

Why study in USA? Studying abroad is a dream that comes true only for a chosen few. With innumerable courses being offered in almost all countries, selecting the right country is equally important while you select the university and the course. So the question remains, out of all the other countries in the world, why study in USA? Studying in USA is a highly popular choice, thanks to its impeccable fraternity ...

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Applying to universities abroad

How to apply to universities abroad | The ultimate guide

Choosing the perfect university program and applying for it is already a complicated process. But abiding by the timelines and deadlines is even more complex. You can use this helpful step-by-step guide that tells you all about how to apply to universities abroad. Step 1- Plan well in advance  At least 1 year before school starts Start planning your education at least one year in advance. Researching schools is not that easy. ...

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simple ways to get funding for education abroad

5 simple ways to get funding for education abroad

Most of you aspiring for a sky-high career probably spent nights browsing through brochures of dream schools like MIT, Harvard, Yale or Wharton. An "oh-so-stellar" profile with GMAT scores reaching 700 points, work experiences at good companies, and great GPA's might be there to back you up but your juggernaut stops at the point where you see the hundreds of dollars in tuition fees. Managing your finances and funding for ...

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