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Aspiring Investment Bankers can study undergraduate or postgraduate Investment Banking Courses, Banking Courses, or Finance Courses.

Students can also seek an MBA in Finance or a Chartered Financial Analyst certification to work as an Investment Banker. Investment bankers will be Chartered Accountants or students finishing CA degrees.

There are several steps that may be taken to become an Investment Banker, such as picking the right subject combination, studying for admission examinations, and selecting the right college.

Although there are no hard and fast rules concerning academics in the management consulting field, due to the severe competition, some employers prefer a master's degree or an MBA. Therefore, earning an MBA in Business Analytics from a reputable university will help you find your ideal job.

If you are confused about selecting the courses, I suggest you reach out to study abroad experts at +91 9145332283 or info@ischoolconnect.com.
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