GMAT Exam 2023: Eligibility, Syllabus, Test Preparation & Results

GMAT Exam 2023: Fees, Registration, Syllabus, Results & Scores

Updated on Sep 6, 2022

Every year, around 2 lakh individuals who want to enroll at B-schools or pursue an MBA overseas take the GMAT exam! GMAT scores are recognized by over 2,300 graduate schools and are hosted by the Graduate Management Admission Council. Students who pass the test will have the opportunity to enroll in over 7,000 courses all around the world. By enrolling online, you can take the GMAT test at any time during the year.

The GMAT exam is offered all year in most parts of the world. The quickest and most convenient way to register for the GMAT is on the official GMAT website. You'll be provided with a schedule of days, times, and testing locations in your area.

In April of this year, the GMAT exam patterns changed. The Quantitative Reasoning Section was reduced from 37 problems to 31 questions in 65 minutes. The Verbal Reasoning Section was reduced from 41 questions to 36 questions in 75 minutes. By lowering the number of unscored questions used for research on the exam, GMAC has reduced the entire exam length from 4 hours to 3.5 hours (including breaks and instructions).

Table of Contents

1 When should you apply for the GMAT?

The GMAT exam can be taken at any time during the year. Students can book their GMAT exam up to six months ahead of time, but no later than 24 hours before the test. Although, due to the large number of GMAT applicants taking the test, it is usually advisable to reserve your GMAT exam slot at least a month in advance.

2 The GMAT Registration Process

Choose a Test Date

Schedule your exam early enough to guarantee that your results are accessible before the deadline for your application for the business school. On the "Admissions’ section of your school profiles, you may see deadlines for business programs. Keeping these deadlines in check may help you to finalize a date for the exam.

Choosing the Right Time of Day

One of the benefits of the GMAT is that you may choose when you want to take the exam. If you are not comfortable taking the test in the morning, request a time slot in the afternoon. 

Likewise, you can request an early time slot if you aren’t comfortable post midday. Keep in mind that certain spots fill up rapidly, hence it is important to get your registration done as soon as possible.

3 Registration Fee for the GMAT Exam

The cost of registration is $250. (worldwide). The GMAT exam fee in India and United States is $275. Taxes can be levied on the fees depending on the country you reside in.

Note that cheques or money orders payable in US currency must be drawn from US or Canadian banks.

4 Getting Ready for Your Exam

Take a GMAT practice test to discover your strengths and weaknesses and which areas you should concentrate on. 

As a GMAT aspirant, you have two options to choose from as you start working on your study plan. You can either opt for self-study or you can opt for private tuition for the same. 

The option you choose completely depends on which method suits you.

5 Steps for registration

Step 1: Make an account.

You should start with creating a GMAC account. You must provide information such as First and last name, email address, and password.

Step 2: Personal Details

You must provide personal information such as contact and postal addresses after signing into their official GMAC account.

Step 3: Profile Information (Step 1 of 5)

The following stage is for you to fill out the profile information for the GMAC account. Make sure you input all of your information accurately since if there is a discrepancy on test day, you will be unable to take the GMAT exam

During this step, you will be asked for basic information such as your date of birth and your country of residency.

Step 4: Profile Information (Step 2 of 5)

In this phase, you should confirm how you would want to be contacted by GMAT and what sorts of GMAT and GMAT accepting institutes Mailer information you are interested in.

Step 5: Personal Information (Step 3 of 5)

In this step, the candidate must provide information about their undergraduate or first degree.

Step 6: Profile information (Step 4 of 5)

You must fill out this section with information about your employment experience.

Step 7: Profile Information (Step 5 of 5)

In this phase, you must provide information about your Management Degree, such as when you want to begin the Management Course, where you want to pursue the Management Course, and the sort of Management Course you want to pursue.

Step 8: Double-check your profile

This phase allows you to review and amend all of the information you entered in the previous steps. Make sure the information you enter is right since if there is a discrepancy on the day of the test, you will be unable to take the GMAT.

Step 9: Choose a test center and exam date.

Choose a test center that is closer to your area and an exam day and time that meets your needs.

Step 10: Confirm

Confirm the exam test center and date, then pay for the exam. The GMAT application fee is USD 275.

6 Required documents

  • Your full name as it appears on your passport

  • Email ID

  • Correspondence address

  • Contact number

  • Gender

  • Date of birth

  • Nationality

  • Payment information debit/credit card

  • History of education (optional)

  • Work experience (optional)

  • Native Language (optional)

7 Options for GMAT registration

The GMAT can be taken in one of four ways:

  • Online

You must register and fill out the needed information on MBA portal.

  • Phone

From Monday to Friday, you can arrange their GMAT exam by phoning the Pearson VUE customer service center. A US$10 fee may be imposed if the test fee is paid by credit, debit card, or voucher. At least three days before the exam, you should contact customer service in the location of their choice:

GMAT registration in the United States

  • Telephone (Toll-Free within USA and Canada) : 1-800-717-GMAT (4628), Central Time: 7am-7pm. 

  • Telephone : +1(952)-681-3680, Central Time: 7 am to 7 pm. Fax: +1(952) 681-3681

    Registration for the GMAT in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 161 855 7219, Greenwich Mean Time: 9 am to 6 pm. Fax: +44 (0) 161 855 7301

Registration for the GMAT in the Asia Pacific Region

  • Telephone: +603 8318-9961, Australian Eastern Standard Time: 9 am to 6 pm.

Registration for the GMAT in China

  • Telephone: +86-10-82345675. China Standard Time: 8:30 am to 5 pm. Fax: +86-10-61957800

Registration for the GMAT in India

  • Telephone: +91 (0) 120 439 7830, Indian Standard Time: 9 am to 6 pm. Fax: +603 8319 1092

  • Postal Mail

The form for GMAT appointment scheduling should be downloaded from the MBA site

The completed form, along with the exam cost, should be mailed to:

Pearson VUE 

Attention: GMAT Program

PO Box – 581907 

Minneapolis, MN – 55458-1907 


You should submit your application and test fee at least three weeks before your preferred GMAT test date.

  • Fax

The GMAT appointment scheduling form can be downloaded and printed from the MBA site and faxed to the Pearson VUE customer support center in your location. The money for the exam can be paid with a credit or debit card, or with a voucher. You are required to submit the fax at least seven days before the test

8 What if I need to change the date of my GMAT exam?

If you've already enrolled for the GMAT but need to change your test date, follow these steps:

  • Go to your GMAT profile and sign in.

  • Choose the GMAT exam you want to reschedule.

  • Select a new test date.

  • Examine your request.

  • Verify your personal information.

  • Pay your reschedule fee.

The additional rescheduling cost is calculated based on the number of days it takes to reschedule your appointment.


Rescheduling fee

1 to 14 days before your test appointment

USD 150.00

15 to 60 days in advance

USD 100.00

Rebooking more than 60 days in advance 

USD 50.00

9 FAQs

Q1. When should I submit my application for the GMAT 2021?

Answer - GMAT registration and GMAT completion deadlines are not set in stone. You will be able to take the GMAT at any time during the year. GMAT exams are held regularly throughout the year. The registration process is open all year round.

Q2. Is it OK to use a calculator on the GMAT?

For the exam, you are not permitted to bring your calculator. You will only be offered a calculator during the integrated reasoning section. During the Quantitative part, calculators are not permitted. On the Quantitative part, you will be given note boards and markers to carry out your calculations.

Q3. Is the GMAT a multiple-choice exam?
Answer - There are three portions to the GMAT: verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing. There are 41 multiple-choice questions in the verbal part, including reading comprehension, critical thinking, and sentence correction.

Q4. What exactly is the GMAT whiteboard?

Answer - You will have access to an online whiteboard throughout your GMAT online exam to work through equations, do scratch work, and take notes. You will have virtually an infinite canvas to work on using the online whiteboard, so there will be no need to delete your work as you progress through the test.

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