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Scholarships for Australia

Updated on Nov 15, 2022

The students must study during the session for which they have been awarded the scholarship. Furthermore, the students will only enroll in courses for which they have been given a scholarship.

Students shall always abide by Australian laws as well as the norms of the institution to which they have been accepted.

The scholarship recipients will demonstrate continuous and good academic achievement.

The scholarship recipients should depart Australia two years after finishing their degree.

Table of Contents

1 Destination Australia Scholarships

To be eligible for the Destination Australia Scholarship at UQ, you must complete the scholarship application procedure satisfactorily and be able to be subject to being an international student in Australia.

  • Keep a student visa for the scholarship term to guarantee that you are protected under the law.

  • Enroll full-time as a new student in an appropriate degree program at the time of scholarship application.

  • Submit all needed paperwork by the scholarship deadline to fulfill the award's requirements with a UQ offer for a program that qualified

  • Maintain continuous residency in a regional area of Australia throughout the scholarship, as determined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics' Australian Statistical Geography Standard Remoteness Structure

  • Provide proof of your address in the regional area before the scholarship is paid.

  • They must provide a utility bill, a statutory statement, or other specifically agreed upon proof to prove their residency.

2 University of Sydney - scholarships

At the time of the award, you must be an international student.

Holders of the University of Sydney International Scholarship - Strategic must enroll in a full-time postgraduate research degree. When a student can establish substantial caregiving responsibilities or a physical condition that restricts their ability to pursue full-time study, the University may accept a part-time Scholarship, as long as the student's visa restrictions allow for part-time study.

The Scholarship may be kept for 3.5 years (full time) for Research Doctorate studies and two years for Research Master's studies. The maximum term of the grant will be reduced by periods of study previously completed toward the degree before the start of the award. There are no options for extensions.

A student must begin the Scholarship by the date of their first admission and complete it during the year in which the Scholarship is given. If a student has already started their studies, the scholarship will begin on the day it is given. Scholarships cannot be deferred until the following year.

3 Griffith remarkable scholarship

Academic and English language entrance criteria, as well as past study results and English language competency, apply as the requirements to get the Griffith University scholarship.

The scholarship covers only undergraduate or postgraduate coursework and tuition expenses.

The scholarship pays half of undergraduate or postgraduate coursework tuition expenses for the duration of the program as long as the student meets the program's continued enrollment criteria. 

The course duration is determined by subtracting any credit earned for the previous study from the Program length of the first-degree program as specified in your offer letter. Each deduction will be implemented by the date of each relevant trimester of the program.

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must pay international fees. Any change in status from an International fee-paying student to an international fee-paying student will result in the scholarship being revoked.

The number of scholarships available is restricted. When the maximum number of scholarship acceptances is achieved, the Griffith International Scholarship office will notify applicants that all available scholarships have been granted and that the awards have been revoked.

The scholarships exclude students enrolled in Higher Degree Research, non-award, Masters Qualifying Program, MBA English language programs at the Griffith English Language Institute, part-time programs, and programs administered overseas in partnership with a partner organization.

Scholarships are not allowed to be deferred.

4 Melbourne graduate research scholarships

The Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarship is undeniably one of the greatest scholarships for pursuing further education at the University of Melbourne, which is one of Australia's top universities.

  • The scholarship is contingent on full-time enrollment in the University of Melbourne's program.

  • The students are supposed to begin the scholarship in the year for which it is being offered.

  • A stipend and tuition discount for students pursuing a Master's degree can last up to two years.

  • A stipend can last for up to 3.5 years full-time equivalent.

  • For students pursuing a Doctoral degree, the maximum duration of a fee offset is four years full-time equivalent.

  • Students who give fraudulent or misleading information may have their scholarship amount revoked.

  • The student must reimburse any scholarship benefits within 14 days after receiving notification from the university.

5 University of Adelaide

This scholarship is not available to the following students:

  • Students who have not yet received a scholarship offer.

  • Students who have received a scholarship from a reputable scholarship organization, such as a government ministry or department.

  • Students enrolled in Masters by Research or Doctoral programs.

  • Students who have a University of Adelaide degree and a package offer of the University of Adelaide College or Eynesbury programs 

  • Current University of Adelaide students shifting from one program to another before completing their current program of study 

Applicants who are offered a scholarship must accept it within fourteen days of receiving it. Because of the restricted nature of this award and a large number of candidates, if the scholarship offer is not accepted by this deadline, the scholarship will be lost and granted to the next highest performing student.

For study at the University of Adelaide, the scholarships grant a tuition fee remission of the scholarship amount for the time specified in the scholarship award letter.

Visas, Overseas Student Health Cover, transport, lodging, living expenses, books and study materials, and any other fees related to living in Adelaide or studying at the University of Adelaide are not covered by the scholarships.

The scholarship is not paid for courses where credit is given in acknowledgment of earlier learning or study.

The scholarship cannot be transferred to another person or redeemed for cash.

If a student gets and accepts several scholarships offered from the University of Adelaide, only one scholarship of higher value will be given.

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