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Scholarships for Canada

Updated on Nov 15, 2022

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1 University of Toronto Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship program encourages excellence in graduate studies at all publicly-assisted universities in Ontario, Canada. To register for OGS awards, applicants must submit their applications using the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies' centralized online portal. 

Each applicant will have their internal submission deadline, which they must adhere to, post which their application will be reviewed. You must be enrolled full-time in the program to be eligible for the prize. OGS awards are non-transferable between universities or graduate units at the University of Toronto. 

If you are applying for this scholarship at multiple universities, you must submit separate applications to each graduate unit or Ontario institution. 

Award holders who complete early, withdraw, or change their full-time status (e.g., to a part-time, special student, qualifying, or make-up) or those unable to keep the installment for that session must reimburse the financial aid they received for the incomplete session. For awards that are terminated early owing to degree completion, the final day of qualifying degree registration becomes the award's new end date. 

The value of the award is based on the award's new expiration date. If the degree requirements are fulfilled within the same academic term as the award's end date, the original end date of the prize is restored. However, the award's end date remains unchanged if the student remains registered.

2 Lester B. Pearson Scholarship

To register for the Lester B. Pearson Scholarship, you need to receive a nomination from your school. If your high schools has not already been contacted/verified, you will need to apply to participate in the Lester B. Pearson program.

To study at the University of Toronto in 2023, you must complete your application form by the appropriate deadline. You must know that you will be considered for the Pearson Scholarship for your first choice of a program at the University of Toronto. However, you may apply to many programs and be admitted to all of them. You If you are awarded the Pearson Scholarship, you will be limited to your first choice of the program at the University of Toronto. Once your nomination is received, and you have applied to the university, you can complete the online Lester B. Pearson Scholarship application.

3 The Karen McKellin International Leader for Tomorrow Award at the University of British Columbia

The Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award is awarded to international undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement, leadership skills, community service, and excellence in other key areas. 

To attain this scholarship award, you must be an international student with a Canadian study permit and have a nomination from your school or non-profit. You must also submit a reference from an academic referee. 

The value of the scholarship award will be determined by your financial need, which will be calculated by including your tuition and living expenses and then subtracting the financial contributions your family can make each year. 

The International Leader for Tomorrow award can be renewed for up to 3 years of undergraduate study or up to the completion of your degree, provided you satisfy the academic requirements, demonstrate your financial need, and maintain your Canada study permit.

4 Vantage One Excellence Award at UBC

The Vantage One Excellence awards have three prominent awards within one program - 1. 

  1. Outstanding Student Award - All students are automatically considered for this award, so no application is required. This scholarship can go up to $6000 in value. 

  2. Entrance Award - This scholarship covers the total cost of a student's first year of tuition in Vantage One, and you will have to apply for this one. 

  3. Excellence Award - This scholarship covers the total cost of a student's degree at UBC, including living costs for students beginning their undergraduate studies in the Vantage One Program. This scholarship is renewable for up to three years beyond Vantage One. You will have to fill out an application for this scholarship. The award is made on the recommendation of UBC Vantage Collection in consultation with the UBC International Student Initiative.

5 Anne Vallee Ecological Fund at UBC

The Anne Vallée Ecological Fund (AVEF) provides two $1,500 scholarships to students enrolled in animal research at a Québec or British Columbia university at the master's or doctorate level. The AVEF is dedicated to funding field research in animal ecology related to the effects of human activities such as forestry, industry, agriculture, and fishing.

The completed scholarship applications from the candidates should be submitted to the authorities at the below address - 

Anne Vallee Ecological Fund

706 rue Routhier

Quebec, QC G1X 3J9

6 FAQ's

Q1. What are the requirements for scholarships for Canada?

Answer - Some of the requirements for a scholarship for Canada include - 

  • Being enrolled in a program at a university in Canada 

  • Being registered in full-time studies for two or more terms. 

  • Possessing a valid study permit.

Q2. What is the IELTS score required for the scholarship for Canada?

Answer - A minimum of 6.5 IELTS score is needed for scholarships in Canada

Q3. Can you apply for a scholarship in the 3rd year?

Answer - No, only those students who have passed class 12th or equivalent exams during the current academic year are eligible to apply.

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