Scholarship for UK: Know more about scholarship for UK’s process
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Scholarships for UK

Updated on Nov 15, 2022

Table of Contents

1 University of Nottingham - Scholarship

  • Accept the scholarship by the deadline — If a scholarship is not accepted by the deadline, the university maintains the right to withdraw the offer.

  • Comply with the terms of your academic offer (if it is a conditional offer).

  • Join your academic course before the registration deadline and on the specified start date.

  • Be registered as a full-time student and designated as an international student for fee reasons.

  • Notify the financing team of any additional scholarships or sponsorships that are presently held or will be given in the future. If alternative sources of financing are received, the scholarship may be altered or revoked.

  • If your scholarship does not cover living expenses, you must continue to pay them for the duration of your program of study. The University suggests that students budget £1,023 per month for living expenses. This amount is based on the criteria for a single student's student visa; individuals with families would need much more.

  • Make good progress in your academic program. The scholarship is conditional on successful development.

  • If you withdraw from your course before completion, you must repay the scholarship amount pro rata.

  • Accept to function as an ambassador for the University of Nottingham, offer student profiles or testimonials, and attend scholarships or recruiting events as needed.

  • Accept that the University of Nottingham may contact you over the next two years, post-graduation 

2 Chevening scholarships

Neither the FCDO nor the Secretariat accepts responsibility for any injury, accident, sickness, loss of personal property, or other circumstances that may occur to a Scholar while on a Chevening Scholarship. 

The university encourages you to obtain suitable insurance to cover your journey to and stay in the United Kingdom. For these terms and conditions, the UK is defined as the countries of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland; UK overseas territories are not included.

For more details

3 UWE Bristol - International scholarships terms and conditions

Terms and conditions apply to the UWE Bristol international scholarships, which are offered to undergraduate and postgraduate new students classified as foreign for tuition purposes and are beginning a study at UWE Bristol this academic year.

You can only get one scholarship from the University of the West of England. If you fulfill the qualifying requirements for more than one scholarship, you will be granted the scholarship that will benefit you the most.

Candidates that are chosen will be notified in writing. The scholarship's full terms and conditions will be delivered together with the scholarship award letter.

All scholarships will be awarded in the form of tuition fee waivers.

Unless otherwise noted, these are one-time prizes that are non-renewable after the first year of study.

Unless otherwise stated, all scholarships are non-transferable. If you are offered a scholarship and opt to postpone your place, the scholarship offer will be revoked, and you must reapply or be reviewed for the scholarship the following year.

4 University of West London- scholarships

  • You must have completed three years of any undergraduate degree from the University of West London.

  • The discount is only available for taught postgraduate studies.

  • To be eligible, qualifications must have been gained within the last ten years and must have come from UWL or a precursor institution.

  • The discount is only valid for one course.

  • Each scholarship application is only eligible for one discount.

  • The discount is calculated pro rata, based on the number of postgraduate credits earned.

All postgraduate scholarships, bursaries, and discounts are only available to students who begin their studies in 2022.

Our franchise partners' courses are not eligible for the alumni discount.

5 Cardiff Metropolitan University Scholarship

  • Depending on availability

  • Please review the material frequently to ensure you are aware of the latest processes and deadlines.

  • Our scholarships are only available to full-fee-paying international students. If your fee status changes from International to Home (UK), you will no longer be eligible for the University's scholarship.

  • To be eligible, students must be enrolled full-time on campus. Students enrolled in distance learning are not eligible.

  • There will be no monetary alternatives, and the scholarship cannot be transferred to another degree at Cardiff Met or to another nominated applicant.

  • Only valid for September 2021 admission. Scholarships cannot be delayed if a scholarship application for later entrance is submitted.

  • If an applicant receives a scholarship but subsequently withdraws their scholarship application or fails to enroll in the course for whatever reason, the scholarship is forfeited.

  • The institution maintains the right to withdraw or refuse to provide scholarships at any time before their allocation.

To be eligible for the scholarship, you must have applied by the deadline (unless a different deadline is mentioned on the application form) — scholarship applications received after this date may not be considered.

6 FAQ’s

Q1. Do you have to pay back a scholarship for the UK?

Answer - Students can apply for scholarships directly from their college or university. You don’t need to pay back the amount of the scholarship.

Q2. Can you apply for a graduate route visa after a Chevening scholarship?

Answer - No, Chevening scholarship students cannot apply for a graduate route visa.

Q3. Can you stay in the UK after the commonwealth scholarship?

Answer - Commonwealth scholarship cannot provide the student's letter of support or permission to stay in the UK post the scholarship for them to work.

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