FREE Guide Reveals

Insider secrets that top university students use to Shortlist, Apply and Get into their dream university abroad.

What's there in the Guide

  • Choosing the perfect career
  • Top destinations
  • University research
  • Test scorecards
  • LOR and SOP
  • How to apply
  • Financial support proof
  • Student visa
  • Travel tips

Applying to universities abroad is more about smart work than hard work. And for that, you need to know which tools and factors REALLY matter when applying to study abroad. This FREE Study Abroad Guide reveals the most powerful tools & factors that can get you into your dream university!

It will give you actionable advice on how to

1. Shortlist the right universities based on YOUR profile

2. Use the sample papers INCLUDED for test prep, and

3. A step-by-step calendar for the ENTIRE application process!

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