Our principles for our AI products

We are very serious about not compromising on any of the following objectives when we serve our customers.

Reducing unfair bias

Alongside organizations like Google, we recognize that algorithms are molded by the bias contained in the data that they learn from. Unfortunately, biases are not easily identifiable, let alone measurable. However, every single team at iSchoolConnect strives to build processes that exclude any potential leakage of characteristics that include but are not limited to a person’s race, ethnicity, gender and nationality.

Abide by privacy principles

We build our infrastructure in order to provide our users the opportunity for notice and consent. We believe that our tireless and conscientious work will allow us to provide our users the highest level of privacy and control over their data.

Uphold high standards of scientific excellence

Our culture at iSchoolConnect is to be transparent with our approach in solving our users’ problems. We hold ourselves responsible for the most rigorous and diligent development to promote top notch application of AI in our products.

Avoid harming people

Where there is a risk of harming people, whether physically or mentally, we take a strong stance to not proceed in developing nor licensing any of our technologies. We strive for a positive impact of our work in a direct and indirect manner.

We are fully aware that the field of Artificial Intelligence is constantly evolving; but we pledge to leverage it according to our principles with humility with the most critical view.

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