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5 visa-free countries for Indians to study abroad!

Are you unable to apply for a visa in time? Here are 5 countries for Indian students to study without a visa! They also have educational courses for students.
Save your time and effort by studying in countries that do not require a visa! Enroll for their short term courses at well to have a fruitful and knowledge-filled vacation abroad.
Several universities for international students are available for recognized short term courses here. Citizens with an Indian passport are allowed to visit without a visa.
Indians can enter Mauritius for a period of 90 days after paying a fee. It is also an excellent country to study in with government scholarships.
More visa-free countries!
The closest visa-free country to India and institutions here offer several undergraduate, postgraduate, and short term courses.
Indian citizens are allowed to visit without a visa for 30 days. The universities here also offer a wide range of short term courses
for students.
Indians can issue their visa in Ecuador and reside there for a period of 90 days or less. The universities are known for their varied course options.
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