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6 best Master’s programs in USA for machine learning!

Want to pursue machine learning in the US? Here are 6 best Master’s programs in the USA for Machine Learning!
A rapid increase in the demand for new and developing technologies and systems has increased employment opportunities for students pursuing machine learning.
The two-year course introduces students to advanced machine learning, statistics, Data analysis, etc.
Carnegie Mellon University
A four-semester program for students seeking to deepen computer science expertise through research and teaching experience.
Cornell University
The university offers 11 specialization options, including Machine Learning and Human-Computer Interaction.
Georgia Institute
of Technology
Students study data analysis and machine learning, and gaining tools
to interpret and extract insights
 from data.
Duke University
Master's in Machine Learning!
The Master's program offers research chances in AI, computer graphics, human-computer interaction, etc.
Massachusetts Institute
of Technology
The MS in AI program teaches students to craft contemporary AI and machine learning systems using creative thinking, algorithms, and coding.
Boston University
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