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6 Must-Take Short-Term Courses from US Universities

Dive into the top short-term courses from US universities that promise skills, exposure, and a global edge.

1. Human Resource Executive Program

The Human Resource Executive Program is one of the best short-term courses one can pursue. The renowned Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan offers it.

2. Streamlining Office & Service Operations

The Streamlining Office and Service Operations course offers valuable insights into the intricacies of office operations and how to optimize them for both working professionals and freshers alike.

3. Blockchain 101

Introducing core blockchain concepts and IT terminology, this self-paced course helps students understand its impact in today's fast-changing world.

4. Executive Program in IT: Strategies & Solutions

Dive into programming with zero background! University of Chicago – Booth School of Business course is tailor-made for beginners. Jumpstart your IT journey after 12th grade!

5. Leading with Finance

Unlock the world of finance in just six weeks! Dive into Harvard Business School's 'Leading with Finance' certification, both online and offline.

6. Entrepreneurship Essentials Course

Start your entrepreneurial journey in just 4 weeks with Harvard Business School's Entrepreneurship Essentials! Dive deep into business opportunities, trends, and risk-assessment.

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