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A list of the top 5 creative arts universities in Germany!

Do you enjoy observing the colorful intricacies of daily life? Creative arts is the best option! Here are the top 5 universities in Germany for creative arts!
Being the top university in Europe, it is the largest and most diverse university for arts, with an outstanding faculty.
University of Arts, Berlin
With programs in media arts and design, product design, visual communication, etc. this university is excellent for students.
Bauhaus University, Weimar
Students can choose from degrees in Fine art, Interior design, and Digital Media, with highly qualified staff and excellent facilities.
University of the Arts, Bremen
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One of the largest art schools in Germany, this university offers various courses in teaching, fine arts, design, and media studies.
Braunschweig University of Arts
With subjects in performing arts, artistic therapies, architecture, philosophy, etc. this university pays special attention to the personal development of students.
Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences
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