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Canada's Top 5 Picks for Master's in Health Informatics

Boost your career with Canada's top Master's in Health Informatics. Find the perfect blend of tech and healthcare. Slide now to learn more!
Ready to master Health Informatics? Find out Canada's Top 5 programs that'll skyrocket your career!
University of Toronto
One of Canada's top public universities, ranked 34th in the QS 2023 Rankings. Its IHPME offers this course for future health leaders and researchers.
University of Victoria
Ranked 359th in QS 2023, University of Victoria offers an MSc in Health Informatics, available both online and on-campus.
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University of Regina
Ranked 1001-1200 in QS 2023, the Johnson-Shoyama School offers an MHA program with an optional Health Informatics major, focusing on data collection and analysis.
George Brown College
Top 10 in Canadian research, George Brown offers a two-year, CHIMA-approved diploma in Health Information Management, equipping students with essential skills.
A favorite among international students, this college is ranked 76th in Canada and offers unique 2-3 year Health Informatics diplomas that meld software engineering and healthcare.
Centennial College
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