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Discover the 5 best electrical engineering schools in the US!

Want to pursue electrical engineering in the US? Here are 5 best schools for you to choose from!
Electrical Engineering is one of the highest-paid jobs in the world and exposes students to the study of power generation, circuits, equipment applications, and much more.
Massachusetts Institute
 of Technology
The university ranks first among all universities in the USA for electrical engineering and aims for top research with diverse extracurriculars.
Stanford University
Stanford is the most prestigious private university and the electrical engineering department ensures quality education by blending practical and theoretical knowledge.
University of California
UC is a leading electrical school, focused on quality education and research. Students majoring in electrical engineering participate in faculty-led projects.
Electrical engineering USA!
California Institute of Technology
Being one of the top engineering schools in the USA, California Institute is researching ways to enhance renewable energy utilization.
Georgia Institute of Technology
The institute encourages students to participate in research increasing their creativity and knowledge, along with a commitment to industrial growth.
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