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Diwali celebrations in universities around the world!

Colleges around the world embrace cultural diversity by celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights, with enthusiasm and grandeur.
Oxford University's Hindu Society organizes the annual Diwali festivities, an event that brings together students from various backgrounds.
Harvard University hosts Diwali celebrations with lamp lighting, Indian classical music performances, and discussions on the festival's significance.
Stanford's Diwali Gala features a mesmerizing display of lights, ethnic food stalls, and cultural shows that reflect the vibrant spirit of the festival.
NUS celebrates Diwali with a 'Diwali Night' event showcasing cultural performances, traditional attire competitions, and a spread of Indian delicacies.
MIT's Indian Association invites the campus to participate in Diwali Mela, offering a glimpse of Indian heritage through dance, music, and a showcase of Indian innovation and traditions.
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