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Liberty University: Innovation Shaping Futures

Liberty University offers 700+ programs, 100+ student groups, career services, diverse international students, and a vast alumni network.
Liberty University, founded by Dr. Jerry Falwell in 1971 with 154 students, now has over 15,000 residential students and 100,000 online students, pioneering distance education.
The Jerry Falwell Library has 1.9 million resources, excellent computer labs, and personalised learning approaches.
Liberty University students do research, internships, contests, and rely on the Osborne Assistive Learning Technology Centre.
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Liberty University offers STEM undergraduate programmes like Cybersecurity, Data Science, and Software Engineering to prepare students for IT careers.
Liberty's master's, postgraduate, doctoral, and certificate programmes emphasise innovation and excellence for a variety of career aspirations, including MBA, Ph.D. in Engineering, and Public Health.
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