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Masters in UX Design | Canada's Top 6 Colleges in 2023

Discover the top 6 colleges in Canada for pursuing a Masters in UX Design in 2023. Dive into courses, faculty expertise, & opportunities to shape your UX career
Embarking on a UX Design journey in Canada?
✨ Explore 2023's premier
 colleges shaping the next wave of UX experts!
OCAD University, Toronto: A hub of creativity and leading-edge design education in the heart of Canada.

OCAD University, Toronto

Renowned for its dynamic learning environment and commitment to academic excellence.

York University, Toronto

Melding creativity with cutting-edge techniques in Canadian design education.

Sheridan College, Oakville

A distinguished nexus of innovation and interdisciplinary research, setting the gold standard for education in British Columbia.

Emily Carr University, Vancouver

Nestled in British Columbia, it stands as a nexus of innovation, blending rich traditions with interdisciplinary research and modern design approaches.

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby

A global powerhouse in tech and innovation, setting unparalleled standards in Ontario's educational ecosystem.

University of Waterloo, Waterloo

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