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Product Management Excellence: Best Courses and Certifications

Discover the best product management courses that will provide prospective professionals with the necessary skills and expertise to flourish in this crucial role.
Product School provides a comprehensive product management programme delivered by industry professionals, allowing students to acquire important skills and become skilled product managers.
The University of Virginia's Digital Product Management course teaches students how to efficiently manage digital goods and use customer data to achieve success.
Investigate the Real-World Product Management Specialisation to learn about business and pricing models while polishing skills that will lead to product management expertise.
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Product HQ's certification course is an excellent resource for people looking to learn project management essentials and obtain practical experience.
Product Toolkit, a vital resource for anyone wishing to thrive in product management, allows you to learn from real-world examples and trusted templates.
By taking learners through the six-stage product development process, LinkedIn Learning's course provides a solid foundation for product management.
The online course from General Assembly provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers agile approaches, stakeholder management, and data skills, putting students on the path to become successful product managers.
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