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Top 5 civil engineering jobs for bachelor students!

Engineering is a thriving field for students. Are you confused about what to do after engineering? Here is a list of jobs to make it easier for you to pick!
If you have just completed your bachelor’s and want to gain experience in designing and construction before studying further these are the best jobs to begin with.
They overlook the building of existing structures and need to know about local and national regulations, and safety standards. Average salary of USD 60,000 per annum.
Building Engineer
Plan the city layout taking into account land allocation, financial estimation, etc. Average salary of USD 75,000 per annum.
Urban Planner
More civil engineering jobs!
They create stable buildings and structures that are able to withstand environmental conditions. Average salary of USD 103,000 per annum.
Structural Engineer
Repairing, installation, and maintenance of electrical products is done by them for property of business owners. Average salary of USD 71,000 per annum.
Field Service Engineer
Coordinate with managers, engineers, etc. and overlook the work to ensure the smooth running of work at a construction site. Average salary USD 176,000 per annum based on experience.
Construction Manager
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