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Top 5-government loan schemes for Indians to study abroad!

Want to study abroad? Loans and scholarships provide you with financial assistance abroad. Here is a list of government loans to make your journey affordable!
Studying abroad is a fulfilling but expensive journey. To create equal opportunities for all students and build a successful career abroad the government has granted several loans.
Dr. Ambedkar Center Sector Scheme
A fully paid loan for students from minority communities to pursue their Master’s, M.Phil. or Ph.D. abroad.
Padho Pardesh Education Loan Scheme
For those with family income being less than 6 Lakhs per annum to pursue their Ph.D. and Master’s abroad.
Loan schemes to study abroad!
Gujarat Government Education Loan Scheme
INR 15 Lakhs awarded to students who have completed their 12th standard education with 60% to study any course abroad.
Education Loan Scheme
of the NBCFDC
INR 20 Lakhs awarded to students from the OBC category with family income not exceeding 3.5 Lakhs per annum.
Vidya Lakshmi
Education Loan
INR 30 Lakhs for students who have completed 12th for all courses abroad.
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