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Top 5 scholarships in Ireland!

Planning and applying for Irish higher education can be pricy but government, and other scholarships can make studying abroad in Ireland affordable.
The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships:
The Irish government provides international students with 60 scholarships for one year.
The Walsh Fellowships:
Walsh Scholarships receive a budget of 3.2 million each year from Teagasc’s postgraduate development program.
Hardiman Scholarship by NUI Galway: Individuals who wish to pursue their Ph.D. at NUI Galway, a notable university, can apply for this scholarship
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Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships:
Trinity College Dublin provides this based on the applicants’ academic achievements and potential to contribute to the Trinity community.
DCU International Student Scholarships by Dublin City University:
Both undergraduate and postgraduate levels award these scholarships to deserving students looking to pursue a full-time program at the university.
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