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Top 5 study abroad programs for gap year students

Want to take a gap year and expand your horizons beyond textbook education? Here are the top 5 study abroad programs for students who want to take a gap year.
A list of top 5 study abroad programs to make your gap year eventful and exciting, leaving you with a better resume.
Warriors Academy in South Africa
A fun 7 week program to enhance your soft skills and learn more about the environment, community service, self-development, and ready yourself for the corporate world at a price of $6,200.
Irish Gap Year Leadership Perspective
Experience Irish culture for around 80 days and develop your leadership skills by engaging in community service and various fun adventures in Ireland at a price of $18,309.
Plan my Gap Year in China
Volunteer at the Plan my Gap Year program in China and promote community development by visiting hospitals and teaching the underprivileged for a period of 2 to 5 months.
Gap year programs
Art History Abroad in Italy
Dive into Italy’s rich cultural heritage and history in this program by participating in hands-on workshops, and enjoying the local music, cuisine, and various other activities for $16,000.
VACorps internships in South Africa
To build your resume you can attend the VACorps Internships program. They help provide internship opportunities in various sectors, like law, journalism, etc. at a price of $3,475.
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