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Top 6 fine arts programs to study abroad in Italy!

Do you enjoy creating and learning about the history of art? Fine arts is the best degree for you! Here are some top programs for fine art studies in Italy!
Italy is renowned for its centuries old artistic cultural influence. The programs here aim to continue preserving this legacy with their exceptional academic syllabus.
Ldm Institute, Florence
Florence is one of the most stimulating artistic cities allowing students at this institute to develop fine art abilities and techniques through academic study and practical experiences.
The American University of Rome
A blend of traditional artistic media with a critical approach to creation with courses in visual expression, creative invention, analysis, and much more.
Fine arts programs Italy!
Rome University of Fine Arts
RUFA is excellent for contemporary art students as they have the chance to learn painting, sculpture, and printmaking.
Brera Academy of Fine Arts
Emphasizing traditional art techniques and contemporary art practices and developing a strong foundation in painting, sculpture, photography, multimedia arts, etc.
Academy of Fine Arts of Florence
Students at this academy are encouraged to foster creativity and can choose from a variety of painting, drawing, and restoration programs.
Albertina Academy of
Fine Arts of Turin
A strong emphasis on fostering experimentation and innovation in artistic expression is what makes this academy the most distinguished for studies in fine arts.
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