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Top 8 minority scholarships to study abroad!

Countries offers minority scholarships to broaden access to higher education, improving life opportunities and resource access.
American Indian Fund Scholarship
Providing scholarships to American Indian and Alaska Native students for undergraduate and graduate degrees. Eligible for tribal college, nonprofit school, or recognized university attendees.
American Meteorological Society Minority Scholarship
$6,000 scholarship for first-year college students in underrepresented science groups like Hispanic, Native American, and African American, disbursed over two years.
La Unidad Latina Foundation
Latino undergrad and grad scholarships ranging from $500-$2,000 for high-GPA students at approved four-year universities.
Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholars Scholarship Program
APIA offers scholarships starting from $2,500 to a multi-year $20,000 grant, exclusively for first-generation college students.
National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering Pathway Scholarship
NACME offers $5K first-year scholarships to minority engineering or computer science students. Renewable annually with $2.5K+.
The Gates Scholarship
Eligible for Pell Grants and from minority groups, nearly 300 students get this scholarship covering full tuition.
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National Society of High School Scholars Diversity Scholarship
High school sophomores-seniors can win up to $2,000. Eligibility requires CV, transcripts, recommendations, diversity proof, and an essay on diversity and inclusion.
National Press Club’s Scholarship for Journalism Diversity
This $5,000 renewable scholarship aims to foster diversity in journalism. Open to high school students planning a journalism career.
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