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5 best accounting jobs for international students!

Passionate about crunching numbers, delving into financial insights, and maintaining precise records. Here are the five best accounting jobs for you!
This dynamic career path empowers newcomers with essential skills and enriching experiences. Imagine the thrill of merging math and business on your exciting career adventure!
Handling all the finances of a company, preparing financial reports, identifying and providing recommendations based on financial trends, etc. is the job of an Analyst.
Financial Analyst
The specialist has to update the records of a company, ensure clients pay their dues on time, and
much more.
Accounts Specialist
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Students with a bachelor’s degree in accounting can opt for this job. It entails managing the costs of products or services a company provides and preparing strategies to reduce them.
Cost Accountant
Making financial budgets and recommendations, and other account management details are handled by the assistant controller.
Assistant Controller
Those with a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, etc. can take up this job. They ensure that a company is following all the legal requirements.
Compliance Manager
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