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5 studying abroad myths to steer clear from.

If myths have stopped you from studying in another country, here are 5 of those myths busted.
A dream only for toppers?
Studying abroad isn't just for top scorers; many universities value overall performance, so don't miss out due to fear of rejection!
Too expensive?
Studying abroad's cost varies by location and course, but with scholarships, grants, and part-time jobs, it's entirely achievable.
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Not safe for students?
No! Universities prioritize student safety with strict norms, committees, and support for accommodation and travel. Don't let safety concerns hold you back.
A struggle with curriculum?
Studying abroad brings new teaching methods, but core subject intent remains; adapt and thrive.
Indian Students Neglected Abroad?
Contrary to misconceptions, foreign universities value diversity, welcoming Indian students and promoting cultural exchanges to foster inclusivity.
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