Clearing doubts and myths about why Indian students go abroad to study

Popular myths Indian students have about studying abroad

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Many students dream about going to a different country, exploring new cities and soaking up the knowledge that the foreign universities offer. However, not all end up doing so because of the myths floating around regarding studying abroad.

The preconceived notions about education abroad make some students believe it is impossible to do so. Traveling abroad for your education is a great way to see the world and study simultaneously. In this blog, we tell you the top 5 myths Indian students have about studying abroad.

A dream only for the toppers

Studying abroad is not only for the toppers.
It’s about the mettle, not the metal!

One of the biggest myths we encounter about studying abroad is that it is only for students with exceptionally good marks, which is simply not true. While the Ivy League and other top institutes do have a very strict acceptance rate, most universities consider students based on their overall academic and extracurricular performance. If you do not apply to these universities simply out of the fear of rejection, you are sorely missing out on the benefits of studying abroad!

Too expensive

With so many options for financial aid, education is never too expensive.

Many students dismiss the option of studying abroad simply assuming it is too expensive. The truth is, the cost of studying abroad depends upon the country, university and the course you choose among many other factors. Furthermore, most universities worldwide offer a wide range of scholarships to students who might require them. Along with other options such as grants, financial aid, part-time jobs, etc. , studying abroad is completely possible.

Not safe for students-NOT!

Studying abroad is safe.
Don’t miss out on studying abroad just because of your safety concerns.

While being concerned about one’s safety is a valid fear for students to have, it should not be the reason that holds you back. All universities have strict norms and regulations regarding the security of the students. They have committees and councils that address any grievances and complaints the students might have, at all times. Not only that, but the universities also provide assistance with accommodation and provide information about safe travel options among other things.

Struggling with the curriculum

Just eat, sleep, read, repeat!

A drastic change in education and teaching methods is bound to occur while you study abroad. However, the content and the intent of your subjects will always remain the same regardless of the country you study in. It may be daunting to adapt to a different studying method, but you will be fine as long as you acclimatize to the new teaching techniques and absorb the knowledge imparted.

One world equals one love

Universities have clubs for international students.
Shimmy your way through college

It is a common misunderstanding that Indian students face neglect while studying in foreign universities. In reality, most universities believe in increasing racial and ethnic diversity in their institutes and therefore appreciate and welcome international students. They also have several cultural programs and initiatives dedicated to the promotion of a healthy cultural exchange. Events like this broaden your social network and make you feel right at home.

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Akanksha Vora

Bright, bold, and bubbly, Akanksha Vora is a writer at iSchoolConnect. She writes creative and curious blogs that help students with their life and studies abroad.

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