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Top universities that do not require the IELTS

Keep reading to see which universities, in countries, know for their academic dominance, do not need to to give the IELTS.
Most universities just need to know that you’ve received an education with English as your primary language.
Universities in the UK:
University of Warwick, London Southbank University, University of Bristol, Aston University to name a few that you can gain admission to without IELTS
Universities in USA:
Rice University, Georgia State University, University of Colorado, University of Wisconsin are just a few of the many that can be applied to without IELTS.
Universities without IELTS!
Universities in Germany:
You can apply to University of Siegen, University of Kiel, University of Passau, University of Giessen and many more with IELTS.
Universities in Australia:
Victoria University, Bond University, University of Adelaide, University of South Australia are a couple that will grant admission with IELTS
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