GMAT Exam 2022: Eligibility, Syllabus, Test Preparation & Results

GMAT Exam 2022: Fees, Registration, Syllabus, Results & Scores

Updated on Sep 6, 2022

The GMAT exam takes 3.5 hours to complete. The result is accessible immediately after the exam is completed, although it is unofficial. The non-official outcome might be accepted or rejected by the candidates. The Analytical Writing Assessment score is not included in the unofficial result. Within 20 days, students will get their official GMAT score, which they may check online through the official GMAT website. The GMAT test has a score range of 200 to 800.

  • The GMAT exam lasts 3.5 hours.
  • Just after the exam, an unofficial result is provided.
  • Within 20 days, the official result will be released.
  • The GMAT test has a score range of 200 to 800.

Table of Contents

1 Adaptive Computer Testing

There are various ways to interpret your exam results on your Official Score Report. On the Official GMAT Score Report that you and your chosen score receivers (graduate business programs) receive, each of your five GMAT exam scores is reported on a set scale.

2 The Details of Your Score Report

You may be tempted to focus just on your Total score, but the other numbers are just as important. These results provide you and the programs with information about your strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Topic- Analytical Writing Assessment   

Scoring- 0.0-6.0

How the section is scored- Professional essay raters and a computer algorithm are used to grade essays. The score is given in 0.5-point increments.

Topic- Integrated Reasoning

Scoring- 1-8

How the section is scored- The number of questions you answered correctly determines your Integrated Reasoning score. Some questions have many sections; to obtain credit for a question, you must properly answer all parts of it.

Scores are provided in 1-point increments.

Topic- Quantitative and Verbal

Scoring- 6-51

How the section is scored- Your score is determined by three criteria in the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning portions, which are item-level adaptive:

1. The number of questions you respond to

2. Whether or not your responses are right

3. The Difficulty of the questions you answered, as well as other factors

If you answer a greater number of questions, properly answer more of them, and qualify for questions of greater complexity, you will receive a better score.

The standard error of measurement is 3 points, and the scores are provided in 1-point intervals.

TOTAL- 200-800

Before the scores for the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning segments are provided, the Total Scores are determined based on your calculated performance. After that, the raw computation is translated to a number inside the Total Score range.

Scores are reported in ten-point increments. The measurement's standard error is 30-40 points.

3 GMAT Online Exam Scores

The GMAT online exam scores use the same scoring methodology and scale as the GMAT exam taken in a testing facility. For each, you'll get Section Scores, Total Scores, and Percentiles. Learn more about the GMAT's scoring system.

Following the completion of the exam, you will be shown your unofficial score on the screen. Within 7 business days of finishing the test, your official score report will be available.

Your GMAT online exam score is valid for 5 years, providing you with the freedom to take the exam when you're ready and send your GMAT score to institutions. 

You will have the chance and flexibility to check your official GMAT Online score after you receive it via email before selecting whether or not to transmit it to schools. You may pick which programs will get your GMAT Online score if you wish to disclose your score to institutions. Scores should be sent to:

  • Access your account.

  • To send your GMAT online score, click the "Send GMAT Online Score" option.

  • To get your GMAT score, look for and pick programs.

  • After you've double-checked your program choices, click "Send GMAT Online Score."

The online GMAT exam comes with five free score reports. After receiving your official score, you must provide your score reports within 48 hours. Additional score reports may be purchased for $35 apiece in the United States.

Here's a table with the marks necessary to obtain an understanding of the comparison score percentile, marks for each area, and good GMAT Scores:


Score Range





Analytical Writing


















Integrated Reasoning






Total scaled score






4 The official score report

You will have chosen up to five institutions to get your Official Score Reports before taking the exam. This was part of your initial GMAT registration. You can pay a charge to acquire your results from more institutions online.

Your GMAT results are valid for five years and can be reported for a total of ten years. Scores from more than ten years ago are not accessible.

Only when you specifically request it—either when you take the exam or when you request an Additional Score Report—are your Official Score Reports issued, which contain copies of your essays and a digital image. Review the GMAT privacy policies for additional details.

You can cancel your results on test day after your Score Preview or within 72 hours of your planned exam time for a charge.

If you wish to reinstate your results after cancelling them, log in to your account or call GMAT customer care. Scores that have been revoked can be restored up to four years and eleven months from the exam date.

5 GMAT enhanced score

You can also opt for the GMAT Enhanced Score Report, which includes information regarding question types, primary areas of emphasis, speeding and the candidate's performance to help them better understand their scores. The updated GMAT scorecard informs applicants of the following:

  • If the erroneous responses took longer than the anticipated time,
  • The amount of time it took to complete each segment
  • The most difficult sub-sections
  • The average time it takes to respond to both correct and incorrect replies.

The primary distinction between GMAT score reports and enhanced GMAT score reports is that an enhanced score report is a thorough depiction or analysis of a candidate's GMAT score and performance in each component.

You must consider the following elements to attain a higher score:

  • Blank responses will result in a penalty.
  • There is also the possibility of a penalty if answers are marked randomly.
  • Maintain a high degree of speed and precision.

6 What is a good GMAT score?

An excellent GMAT score can help you gain admission to the business school of your choice. According to experts, a GMAT score of 650–690 is acceptable, but if you want to go to even more prestigious institutes such as the Ivy League, you should strive for a higher number. The evaluation of your GMAT score is influenced by your GPA. A strong GMAT score is also influenced by the competition of the school you want to attend. To determine whether your GMAT score is good, consider the following four factors:

  • The preceding batch's average GMAT score

  • Last year's class profile GMAT score required for scholarship

  • The projected return on investment (ROI) based on the GMAT score

The best part about the GMAT 2021 result is that you can see your results almost immediately after your exam is completed. You will have the choice of accepting or rejecting the non-official result at the end of the exam. After 20 days, you may get the official GMAT Exam result 2021 from your GMAT account.

It's vital to remember that top institutions don't just look at GMAT test results; they also look at overall positive characteristics like diversity, unique accomplishment or success, and so on. Because of these characteristics, many candidates can get admittance despite having a lower GMAT score. If you lack any of these characteristics, you'll most likely need to score above 730 (the 99th percentile) to be considered for a top-ten B-school.

7 FAQs

Q1. Can a good GMAT score help you get a scholarship?

Answer - Yes, a GMAT score can help you get a scholarship. However, scholarship committees do not list a minimum GMAT score to guarantee a scholarship, a higher score can increase your chances of getting a scholarship

Q2.Is a GMAT score of 640 considered good?

Answer - A GMAT score of 640 places you in the 68th percentile, which indicates you outperformed the majority of test participants. If you want to apply to a good MBA program, this is a good sign. The GMAT is often regarded as an excellent predictor of academic and professional success.

Q3. Is it possible to earn a GMAT score of 800?

Answer - A flawless GMAT score is extremely unusual. Only approximately 30 people each year earn an 800 on the GMAT, out of 200,000 candidates from over 100 countries. From year to year, this figure is quite stable. Furthermore, it is likely that not all 30 test-takers are students.

Q4. Can you give the GMAT exams at home?

Answer - Yes, you can. The GMAT online exam is a remote proctored version of the regular GMAT exam offered at the test center. 

Q5. What math is on the GMAT exam?

Answer - The GMAT Quantitative section aims at testing your analytical and content knowledge regarding basic math concepts. These include algebra, arithmetic, and geometry.

The sections contain questions of two types - Data sufficiency and problem-solving.

GMAT Exam Guide

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