TOEFL essay topics to prepare for the exam

8 TOEFL essay topics to prepare for the TOEFL exam

Worried about your performance in the TOEFL Writing Section? Follow the instructions, tips, and methods in this blog, and practice on one of the 10 TOEFL essay topics to nail your exam. A lot of students ...

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Top 8 benefits of STEM education you should know

The benefits of STEM education are endless. High-paying jobs, travel opportunities, and early retirement are not the only reasons STEM courses are becoming increasingly popular among students today. STEM, or Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, touches ...

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9 amazing career options in biotechnology

With more and more students interested in biology and engineering, the field of biotechnology is growing rapidly. Let’s take a look at some of the highest-paying career options in biotechnology. Imagine studying about different kinds of ...

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The 6 best countries for MBA aspirants in 2020

Choosing the right country for pursuing your MBA can be difficult. But once you know about the best countries for MBA aspirants and what they have to offer, it will become much easier to decide.  A ...

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Step-by-step guide choosing a university

How to choose a university program | Step-by-step guide with examples

With hundreds of options available, it’s difficult to choose a university program that fits all your requirements. The amount of research you need to do is tremendous and you start to lose sight of what’s ...

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Student visa for New Zealand

Getting a student visa for New Zealand | Documents, fees, and more!

A student visa for New Zealand will allow you to study, work part-time, and live in New Zealand for up to 4 years. Read this blog to learn more about the New Zealand student visa ...

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iSchoolConnect Scholarship

iSchoolConnect Scholarship | Scholarships for International Students

The iSchoolConnect Scholarship allows countless students across the globe to fulfill their study abroad dreams without worrying about their finances. Read on to know about the scholarship eligibility, details, registration, & more. Your search for study ...

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UNSW Sydney

UNSW Sydney | For dreamers, thinkers, and leaders

Located in Australia’s largest city, UNSW Sydney is a powerhouse of cutting-edge research, teaching, and innovation. It ranks 4th in Australia and 43rd in QS World University Rankings. Read this blog to find out why ...

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Top 10 STEM courses of the year

STEM courses have been gaining immense popularity over the past decade. Thanks to the growing demand for STEM graduates, top universities at every well-known study abroad destination are offering a multitude of STEM majors.  Do you ...

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Improve skills

Skills to learn during quarantine | 6 Easy upskilling tips!

Looking to improve skills and strengthen your profile? Don’t let a worldwide pandemic stop you. Be it online courses, webinars, books, or networking, these ideas have got you covered! Here are some of the top skills ...

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