50 exciting psychology facts

Psychology facts | 50 interesting facts you must know about!

The human mind is an interesting place. It allows you to interpret your environment, recognize people, and also learn new things to survive. However, you know a fraction of what you think you know. So, ...

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All you need to know about a career in Food Technology

Are you planning to pursue a career in Food Science and Technology? Then you should absolutely read this blog to learn everything there is to know about the profession, from courses to colleges to career ...

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Self introduction for interview

Self-introduction for interview | 5 brilliant tips you need to know!

How to introduce yourself in a job interview? Well, this question perplexes many. If you have also been trying to understand how to answer this question, look no further! We have covered everything you need ...

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Cost of Living in Australia

Cost of living in Australia | A guide for international students

Interested in studying in Australia, but worried about managing finances? Don't worry, we got you covered with all you need to know about the cost of living in Australia for students. So, keep reading! With quality ...

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leave application

Leave Application | Things to remember while drafting one!

How to write a leave application letter? Does this question keep ringing in your head while you plan a leave? Well, don't fret. We'll teach you how to write a compelling leave application. So, continue ...

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50 daily use English words with meanings

The English language has an astounding number of words and this number continues to grow each year. From preparing for your SATs or IELTS to communicating better with your peers, here are 50 daily use ...

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LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn profile | 6 ways to create an impressive LinkedIn profile

Heard the buzz around building a social media presence? Well, what better a platform than LinkedIn for the same? From having meaningful conversations to bagging the desired job, LinkedIn can be your go-to platform. So, ...

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Top 4 beautician courses you must know about

Beautician course | Top 4 courses to achieve your dreams!

With around $500 billion in sales every year, the international beauty and glamour industry is thriving! Check out these beautician courses to see how they can help you expand your career options. Set yourself apart ...

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Marketing Management

Marketing management | 12 Best colleges to study MBA/MS

Do you want to study marketing management but aren't sure which institution to attend? Well, here is a list of the top 12 colleges in the world to make your selection process simpler!   We know that ...

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one word substitutions

One Word Substitution | What is the best way to write them?

Have you ever come across one-word substitution questions? If not, don’t worry. This guide will help you understand their purpose along with several one-word substitute lists!  One word substitution is an essential skill, especially if you ...

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