GRE Exam 2022: Eligibility, Syllabus, Test Preparation & Results

GRE Exam 2022: Fees, Registration, Syllabus, Results & Scores

Updated on Sep 6, 2022

Candidates who aim to do well in their GRE  must follow a sound GRE Preparation approach to obtain their desired result. 

Continue reading to learn how to use the GRE study plan to ace your attempt.
You can study on your own or opt to enroll in a coaching center to prepare for the GRE, much like other competitive exams. 

While you make this decision, you must determine whether you have enough time and finances to do both. Newer study methods, such as GRE preparation online, are becoming more popular. It offers tools for self-study as well as coaching classes. Online coaching allows you to enroll in a virtual classroom and learn from the convenience of your own home. 

Preparing for the GRE might be frightening without knowing the section's strengths and shortcomings. To excel in GRE preparation, practice papers, books, coaching, and online courses are all resources available online as well as offline.

Some of the many points that help the candidates to prepare for the GRE in the best way - 

  • Stick to a GRE study plan that works for you

  • Take ample GRE mock tests

  • Know your areas of strengths and weaknesses

  • Continue to track your progress and errors

  • Time Management

  • Boost your Vocabulary

  • Don’t ignore other subjects

Candidates will find it easier to craft their study plan if they are aware of the right GRE pattern and time range. The GRE assesses a candidate's capacity to attempt questions systematically, think critically, and offer opportunities for you to get into prestigious graduate programs. 

Students are frequently caught up with queries like where and when they should begin their preparation. Here are a few key things to do before taking the GRE -

  • Choose when to apply for admission.

  • Take a test ahead of time to ensure you have adequate time to review the results.

  • Learn about the GRE's computer adaptability.

Table of Contents

1 What is the right time to prepare for the GRE?

For GRE preparations, the more time you devote to it, the greater your chances of getting a higher score. GRE preparation should start at least 2-5 months prior to the test date . However, the time required for you to prepare for a GRE may vary. There are a few things to remember before taking the GRE

  • First, set a goal for yourself.
  • Solve some GRE sample papers to get a sense of how well you're doing.
  • Have a fixed study plan prepared for your preparation.

Another element to consider when determining when to begin GRE is to analyze how much free time you have in case you have any other commitments apart from the exam preparation. It is preferable to begin preparing early if you have a job and work 6-8 hours every day. If you're a summer student, you could start studying four weeks before the test and still receive a good grade.

2 How to prepare for the GRE in a month time?

As long as you have the time, a 30-day GRE study schedule will work well for you if you are dedicated and confident about your GRE preparation. 

You'll need to set aside at least 2-3 hours every day on average, which may also vary depending on each person. However, it is important to note that committing to a couple of hours can help if you are aware of the fundamentals of math.

You'll require more hours each day if you are yet to work on the basics of math. You can also merely revise the areas you know you don't need to go through completely if you're strong at them. 

3 How to prepare for the GRE?

It is important to note that studying for the GRE at home and studying for the GRE at a test center are two different experiences. The only difference between the two tests is the test environment. Either of the two test environments may lead to feelings of overwhelming at times.

 Candidates should be aware that the GRE's governing organization has begun administering GRE tests at home for those who choose to take the exam in the comfort of their own homes. If the COVID-19 local constraints allow, candidates who do not have a suitable atmosphere at home or the appropriate system requirements can take the exam at a GRE test center.

4 GRE self-preparation

GRE self-preparation is one of the most popular approaches among aspirants. 

Preparing for the course by yourself, lets you do everything on your own. You are expected to conduct your research, obtain GRE prep materials, establish a study schedule, and stick to it until the goal is met. The advantage of this strategy is that it is as low-cost as GRE preparation gets. On the other hand, to make self-preparation work, you must be consistent and intelligent. You should concentrate on your weaker areas while acing the better ones.

5 How to prepare for an online test?

In recent years, online GRE preparation has grown in popularity. With so many private firms offering affordable study materials and preparation programs to students, an increasing number of students are opting for online preparation. 

The benefit of a good GRE online course is that it may help you discover your strengths and weaknesses and assign activities based on them, which will help you prepare more effectively.  

Although a GRE online prep program is less expensive than hiring a private instructor or enrolling in a coaching facility, it is not always sufficient. As a result, students should exercise caution before enrolling in online preparatory courses and should always conduct preliminary research.

Some of the benefits that an online GRE helps with - 

  • Offers customizable and convenient
  • Offers lessons that are tailored to you
  • Allows you to learn at your own pace.
  • Evaluation is Cost-effective

6 How to prepare for Analytical writing?

The GRE Analytical Writing section is designed to assess your ability to

  • Articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively, 
  • To back up ideas with relevant reasons and examples, 
  • To examine claims and supporting evidence, 
  • To maintain a well-focused, coherent discussion, and 
  • To control the elements of standard written English. 

There will be two distinct timed essays in the Analytical Writing part. You will have a time duration of 30 minutes to write each essay on a certain topic. You will be expected to produce an essay in response to a brief statement on a topic of popular interest for themes centered on 'Analyze an Issue.' For subjects centered on 'Examine an Argument', you will be expected to write an essay in which they would analyze a paragraph-length argument.

7 How to prepare for Verbal Reasoning?

The topic of your second Verbal Reasoning part will be based on how well you did on the first because the GRE is adaptive on a section-by-section basis. A mix of easy and difficult questions will make up the first part; based on how well you do, the second part's difficulty level will fluctuate.

Successful candidates will be able to "level up" the test and take on more difficult problems in the second part. The second portion's difficulty level is considered when determining the final score; more challenging exams may result in a higher final score.

Reading Comprehension, Text Completion, and Sentence Equivalence are the three types of questions included in the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE.

The first half of the verbal reasoning section comprises reading comprehension and the other half comprises text completion and sentence equivalence

8 How to prepare for Quantitative Reasoning?

You'll have 35 minutes to complete each section, which may or may not be sufficient. As a result, you should focus entirely on improving your time management abilities to finish the portions within the allotted time while maintaining accuracy.

Although arithmetic themes may not need advanced math, the questions might be challenging at times. Make that you understand the topics outlined in the GRE quantitative portion curriculum.

It's all about practice when it comes to math. As a result, practice as many questions as possible to prepare for the GRE quantitative part. Make sure you understand the format. Take practice examinations and complete them in the same amount of time as the actual exam.

9 Key takeaways

GRE preparation that is effective will make you smarter and more adaptive. The guidelines for enhancing your GRE study habits are evident in the results themselves. You'll be able to put your whole effort into improving your GRE results if you find a dedicated study location where you can focus without being distracted.

The GRE is the only general admissions exam that is accepted by hundreds of graduate schools throughout the world, making it a valuable test to have on your resume. It's ideal to think of the GRE as a chance for admissions and scholarships, and a good GRE score can even compensate for a poor GPA.

Your GRE study approaches will be refined if you follow the advice outlined above. You should expect to see increases in both your GRE scores and your overall thinking ability if you put in enough time and effort.

10 FAQs

Q1. How long does it take for students to prepare for a GRE?

Answer - The period for students to prepare for a GRE varies from student to student. On average, it takes about 6-12 weeks to prepare. 

Q2. What are the best GRE books?

Answer - The best books to prepare for a GRE are as follows - 


Q3. What are the sections for a General GRE?

Answer - There are six sections in total. One Analytical Writing section, two Verbal reasoning sections, two quantitative reasoning sections, and one experimental(unscored) section.

Q4. What are the GRE fees?

Answer - The fees for GRE General Test fees in India is $213 or INR 15,800

Q5. Which countries accept the scores of a GRE?

Answer - The top universities across the US, UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia accept the scores of a GRE.

Q6. Is there any age limit to opt for a GRE?

Answer -  There is no age limit for candidates to opt for GREs

Q7. How long is GRE valid for?

Answer - GRE scores are valid for 5 years

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