PTE Exam 2022: Eligibility, Syllabus, Test Preparation & Results

PTE Exam 2022: Fees, Registration, Syllabus, Results & Scores

Updated on Sep 6, 2022

Candidates are frequently perplexed as to what the best time is to take the PTE test. According to experts, the best time to arrange your first PTE test is two months before your university's admission deadline. Candidates would have adequate time to take a second PTE Academic test if it were necessary.

As previously stated, PTE exam dates are spread throughout the year because the PTE Academic examination is administered numerous times each month. We've put together a list of PTE Exam dates in India by state wise . 

Candidates should know that these PTE exam dates are only for one PTE test center. A center has also been established. There will be different PTE exam centers in each state/city, and their PTE test dates may vary as per the demand. 

The following information is just to provide the PTE test taker with an idea of the availability of PTE test dates. Due to numerous lockdowns imposed locally and covid-19 restrictions, candidates are also suggested to check PTE test date and PTE test center availability.

Table of Contents

1 Dates for PTE Exams

Keep an eye out for the most up-to-date PTE exam dates for states across India. Candidates can also go to the official PTE website and look out for accessible PTE test dates based on the availability of PTE test centers.

2 FAQs

Q. When will I be able to take the PTE Academic exam?

A. To understand the PTE Academic dates for the current year, candidates should refer to the article above. Candidates should be aware that PTE exam dates may vary according to the test center they prefer. As a result, candidates should register on the official PTE website to learn about the PTE Academic exam slots that are available.

Q. How often is the PTE Academic exam given each year?

A. The PTE Academic exam is offered at a test center near you several times a year. PTE test dates can be found in the item above, or candidates can simply register on the PTE academic website. Due to the current COVID-19 problem, applicants should be aware that planning a PTE test schedule may be difficult. People should make bookings as soon as possible as a result.

Q. What is the cost of the PTE Academic exam?

A. The PTE Academic exam fee for Indians is Rs. 14,700. Late registrations and rescheduling might cost an additional fee.

Q. Is there any way to get a reduction or a charge waiver on the registration fee?

A. Currently there are no discounts but the PTE Academic exam is very reasonably priced and is very economic.

Q. Can I take the PTE Academic exam several times?

A. Students can attempt as many times as they want, provided there is a 5-day break between each attempt.

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