PTE Exam 2022: Eligibility, Syllabus, Test Preparation & Results

PTE Exam 2022: Fees, Registration, Syllabus, Results & Scores

Updated on Sep 6, 2022

PTE Academic is a computer-based English language exam that is recognized by colleges all around the world. Candidates who aspire to enroll or relocate to a major English-speaking country take the PTE-Academic English test. Students must take the PTE exam to demonstrate their English language skills.

PTE Exams were temporarily canceled due to the COVID-19 situation across the country. Now that COVID-19 cases are on the wane, PTE test centers are reopening with a safer environment for applicants to take the PTE test. The PTE Exam Fee has also been raised from $13,300 to $13,700, inclusive of taxes. To summarize, candidates will be charged INR 13,700 for a PTE test appointment.

Candidates will be pleased to learn that Pearson PLC Group, the PTE Exam's governing body, has launched the PTE at Home. The PTE exam at Home is the same as the PTE. The PTE at Home, on the other hand, is conducted at the candidate's home, with the candidate's safety in mind. From November 16, 2021, the conducting authority has also reduced the duration of the PTE exam from three to two hours.

The two-hour computer-based test focuses on every day It evaluates a student's ability to comprehend the language as it is spoken daily, rather than high-level English. The PTE exam's multi-level marking system ensures a better grasp of a student's English language skills.

PTE Academic has a variety of elements that set it apart from other English proficiency tests. The first and most distinguishing elements of the same are the scoring structure and results. The PTE results and scores are normally available within two business days because the exams are completely automated. It is, therefore, suitable for pupils who are short on time. Candidates studying for the PTE Academic exam will learn about the following PTE themes as they read

Table of Contents

1 Eligibility

To take the PTE Academic test, applicants must be at least 16 years old. However, if the candidate is under the age of 18, their parents or guardians must sign a consent form. They can get the consent form from the PTE Academic Exam's official website.

2 Syllabus

Candidates who want to pursue the PTE Exam should be familiar with the most recent PTE syllabus. The following PTE Exam syllabus is for candidates who are planning to take their next PTE Exam. 

The PTE Academic exam course is broken down into three sections: 

  1. Speaking and Writing: The PTE Speaking & Writing section lasts 54–67 minutes and includes seven different question types. 
  2. Reading: The Reading Section of the PTE exam lasts 29–30 minutes and includes five different question types.
  3. Listening: The PTE Listening Section syllabus is 30 - 43 minutes long and covers eight different question types in the PTE test.

3 Exam Pattern

Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing are the three sections of the PTE Academic Syllabus. These three parts are graded, and you also receive a PTE Academic overall score.

Candidates should review the PTE exam pattern first to understand. Completing all of the PTE on average takes around 3 hours. In the PTE exam format, the speaking section examines your English proficiency skills in reading, writing, and listening.

4 PTE Preparation Advice

Many students begin their preparation by enrolling in a tutoring center or just taking free practice tests online. What a student overlooks is that, like any other exam, language competency exams require a technique. 

It is important to remember that no amount of advice, tactics, or tools will be able to overcome dedication and efficiency. You can study on your own at home or enroll in a PTE tutoring center for your PTE preparation, just like you would for any other exam. 

The choice is yours, as you must determine whether you have enough time and budget to do both or choose one. Newer study methods, such as PTE preparation online, are gaining popularity. 

It offers tools for self-study as well as coaching classes. You enroll in a virtual classroom and learn from the convenience of your own home.

5 Exam Dates

Candidates are frequently perplexed as to what the best time is to take the PTE test. According to experts, the best time to arrange your first PTE test is two months before your university's admission deadline. Candidates would have adequate time to take a second PTE Academic test if it were necessary.

PTE Exam Dates 2021 are available all year long. You can schedule your PTE Exam whenever it is convenient for you. Candidates who book their PTE exam dates one month ahead of time will be served by the PTE test centers. In February, May, June, November, and December, the PTE General exam is given. Candidates must pay INR 13,300 to enroll for the PTE exam.

6 Results and Scores

PTE results are available online through your PTE Academic student account within two business days of the exam day. You will receive an email with instructions about the process on how to access the results online within five business days. After that, log into your Pearson account by following the on-screen instructions. Using your Pearson account, you can share your results with the schools and universities of your choice.

7 Registration

Candidates who want to register for the PTE exam in 2021 must follow the processes outlined below to get a PTE exam seat. Candidates should know that they will require a valid ID - a valid Indian passport - to book their slot for the PTE Academic exam online. Candidates must also present an original photo ID verification on the day of the PTE exam, or they may be denied entry to appear for the exam.

The official website is where you may register for the PTE exam. Both the PTE Academic and the PTE General exams are available through the PTE test. Candidates should create an account on the Pearson website, and then book an exam date and location that is convenient for them.

8 Practice Test

Many students begin their preparation by enrolling in a tutoring center or just taking free practice tests online. What a student overlooks is that, like any other exam, language competency exams require a technique. 

The most crucial PTE study strategies that will help you perform well on the PTE Academic Exam are listed below. To succeed, you must enhance these talents and practice them over and over again.


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