PTE Exam 2022: Eligibility, Syllabus, Test Preparation & Results

PTE Exam 2022: Fees, Registration, Syllabus, Results & Scores

Updated on Sep 6, 2022

PTE Academic exam is meant to assess a candidate's command of the English language communication skills. The exam only assesses your regular English speech, assisting you in becoming more expressive. Using headphones during the listening and speaking sections can help you become more focused and concentrate on the topic.

Practice Papers for the PTE

PTE Academic sample papers and practice tests are not readily available on the internet. They can, however, be obtained via PTE Academic's official website. You can also use official web videos to help you practice.

Table of Contents

1 Test Format & Practice Tests

  • Speaking and Writing 
  • Reading 
  • Listening

Let's look at the exam format and scoring so we can create a study plan utilizing the study recommendations and make sure we're ready to test our knowledge with sample papers and practice tests.

2 Academic Preparation for the PTE

Joining a coaching center or following online courses would only be beneficial if you practice regularly. Language is not a talent; it is a skill that may be improved by repeated practice.

3 Books for PTE Academic and PTE App preparation

For applicants looking for the best PTE test material, the Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2 are advised. If you have more time to study, the Expert series is a great way to prepare for PTE Academic. This course is designed to assist you in preparing for the PTE Academic exam by leading you through various courses. Choose level B1 or B2 depending on your linguistic abilities.

4 Offline Practice Test

Candidates can go to the official Pearson PTE Academic website and get the whole PTE Academic test in pdf format. Candidates will be able to complete this exam in offline mode, allowing them to have a deeper understanding of the material.

5 PTE Official Practice App

Candidates can now prepare for their PTE Academic exam while they are on the go. It would just be necessary for them to download the PTE Academic Official Practice App. The app is available on a variety of devices, allowing students to prepare for the PTE Exam while on the go. Students can use the app to create a study plan, practice activities, and learn more about the test.

6 PTE Sample Paper

Using PTE Sample Papers to prepare for your next PTE Academic Exam is a fantastic idea. For the benefit of the student, candidates are suggested to solve many PTE Practice Papers.

7 FAQs

Q. How can I study for my PTE Academic exam at home?

A. Candidates can obtain information from the official PTE Academic website over the internet, which is accurate and up to date with the most recent PTE Academic curriculum. Candidates can also use our study guide, as well as textbooks (both online and offline) and the official PTE website. 

Q. How can I study for the PTE Academic exam in the most effective way?

A. After you've finished preparing for the PTE Academic exam. Candidates should complete as many PTE practice papers as possible to prepare for the PTE Academic test.

Q. Which practice tests are the most useful for applicants preparing for the PTE Academic exam?

A. Candidates should use the PTE Academic Practice Papers, which may be found on the official PTE Academic website. Candidates are strongly urged to solely rely on reliable sources of information, such as the official PTE Academic website and our study guide. 

Q. Are PTE Academic practice tests reliable?

A. Practice tests exist in the first place to give you an idea of what to expect on the test, and applicants are encouraged to complete as many practice papers as possible to earn a high score on the test.

Q What does a good PTE Academic score look like?

A. No such thing as a good grade exists. Every university will have its PTE Academic score cut-off, and students will be expected to attain decent scores and grades. Candidates should be aware that higher scores will help their chances of getting admission to the university/institution and will also give a chance of getting a scholarship.

Q. How much does the PTE Academic test cost?

A. To register for the PTE Academic test, Indian nationals will need to pay Rs.13,300. As stated above, special requests such as late registrations and rescheduling come with an extra fee.

Q. Can a student pass the PTE Academic exam without the help of a tutor?

A. Of course. study material from the PTE website can be utilized to self-study for the examinations. Candidates are strongly advised to use only resources from a credible source, such as our study guide or the official PTE website, when studying.

Q. Can I study on my own for the PTE Academic exam?

A. Definitely. Candidates who wish to take the PTE Academic exam on their own can get qualifying or higher scores by remaining committed to their cause until the finish and relying on reliable materials such as the official website or our prepared guide, which can be found here.

Q. Has the PTE become more difficult over time?

A. The test has evolved through time to remain relevant to the university's and students' needs. Rest assured, the PTE Academic test's core goal has kept the same: to give high-quality education to qualified applicants.


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